250kg under braced swing jib

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250kg Under Braced Swing Jib

250kg Under Braced Swing Jib

This 250kg SWL under braced swing jib is made and installed by our team of engineers. Available as a wall, floor or column mounted Jib, this under braced example is popular across a number of commercial operations.

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Benefits of our 250kg Under Braced Swing Jib

There are lots of reasons to invest in an under braced Jib, especially as the products we sell are fine tuned to the needs of each client. Whether you want a crane that is mounted on a column or wall in your workshop, or a freestanding setup affixed securely to the floor, we can manufacture the perfect crane to meet your expectations. 

If you need any additional features, such as a hoist we can include this at a competitive price. We can add festoons and catenaries if necessary, factor in a knockout switch and even bundle in beam trolleys. This is all part of the bespoke service we offer. 

The 250kg load capacity of this crane is great for light to medium lifting. Larger models are available, with payloads of up to 3000kg manageable within our range of under braced jibs. 

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To get in touch with the Lifting Gear Direct team, call 01384 76961 or fill in our online contact form. We can give you updates on any of our hoisting equipment, quotes for a crane installation project, details about the maintenance and repair services we offer and much more besides. Give us a ring today and see what we can do to help you.

jib crane options

SWL Height Under Beam Arm Length
250KG 3000mm 3000mm
250KG 3000mm 3500mm
250KG 3000mm 4000mm
250KG 4000mm 3000mm
250KG 4000mm 3500mm
250KG 4000mm 4000mm
250KG 5000mm 3000mm
250KG 5000mm 3500mm
250KG 5000mm 4000mm
250KG 5000mm 5000mm