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Custom aluminium lifting gantry

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Custom Aluminium Lifting Gantry

Bespoke Portable Gantry Available at Lifting Gear Direct

With this range of custom aluminium lifting gantries, it is possible to specify certain elements prior to manufacture to enable you to get a truly bespoke aluminium gantry. You can choose your perfect length, height and other components and with safe working loads up to 5000kg available these height adjustable, portable, lightweight aluminium lifting gantries are ideal for many lifting scenarios including personal positioning and where fall arrest situations are needed.

This portable lifting gantry system is commonly used in areas such as; water & waste water management, stonemasons, cemeteries, exhibitions, museums, factories, marine industries, aerospace, canals, building sites, food factories and many more, their uses are endless. Standard aluminium gantries and the smallest Rapide gantry are other options in this range.

Custom Aluminium Gantry Systems


Custom Aluminium Gantry Systems There are 4 standard height ranges which are S ..

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Lifting loads is not always straight forward and sometimes standard lifting equipment is simply not suitable for lifting the object required. Sometimes this is due to the location of the object or it may be the object itself. You might find that the standard gantries are not up to the task of fitting in with your needs, which could leave you scratching your head and looking for a solution. This range of custom aluminium lifting gantries could be your solution.

Custom Aluminium Gantry Features

These custom aluminium lifting gantry systems have the added bonus of being class B compliant to EN795, so they can be used to lift people and/or used as a fall arrest device with the addition of the correct PPE equipment.  Depending on the model size, up to 5 people can be supported on fall arrest /retrieval systems though the working load limit will be reduced. For example, if the gantry has an overall working load limit of 5000kg, the maximum lifting capacity for people will be 2000kg. With the correct PPE equipment, the maximum fall force will be 6kN. Some of the longer beam length models may not be suitable for Fall arrest or personal lifting situations so please ask if this is your intention.

Portable Gantry Safe Lifting Tips

It must be noted that when used for lifting personnel of for fall arrest applications it is imperative that full risk assessments and method statements are in place.

Custom aluminium lifting gantry

These custom aluminium lifting gantries are ideal for specific site work, awkward lifting operations and fall protection/ height safety scenarios when working at height where no other anchoring points are available.

We offer a wide selection of lifting equipment on our site, as well as providing inspection services to ensure total safety across a range of applications. If you are looking for LOLER compliance testing, you have come to the right place.

Aluminium Gantry Crane Limits & Adjustability

As standard there are small, medium, intermediate and tall models available with safe working load limits up to 5000kg. Beam lengths come in a range of increments from 2500mm up to 9000mm. Maximum heights to the top of the beam go up to 5438mm. All of these areas can be customised to suit any specific needs you may have. Remember also that these gantry systems can be height adjusted; each model will have a minimum and maximum height at which they can be used with a number of intermediate height positions to choose from. This enables perfect height adjustment to best suit the lifting task at hand.

Please take a look at the product page below where you will find all the technical details and images.

Need More Aluminium Lifting Gantry Info?

Please contact us here at Lifting Gear Direct should you wish to discuss your needs further. We also manufacture standard steel mobile lifting gantry systems and Jib cranes at affordable prices. We can give you a quote for a custom crane, provide you with plenty of product details and talk through any questions when you call 01384 76961. Get in touch today for a swift reply!
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