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Under Braced Swing Jib Crane

Get Maximum Lifting Height with an Under braced Jib Crane

Do you need a Jib crane which can maximise the height of lift?

If the answer is yes then one of our bespoke under braced swing jibs  could be right up your street. Lifting Gear Direct can manufacture a custom crane that will let you optimise handling operations of many types. This type of crane is versatile, adaptable and built using robust materials for excellent overall durability. The under bracing means that the crane can fit in spaces without much headroom, with load limits ranging from 125kg to 3000kg across this range. Remember to check out our over braced versions and our full slewing jib line-up for more options.

125kg Under Braced Swing Jib


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3000kg Under Braced Swing Jib


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Under Braced Slewing Jib Benefits

Thanks to the position of the brace beneath the jib arm, this type of crane can be mounted in a position that puts it incredibly close to a roof or other overhead obstruction. Unlike its opposite version – the over braced crane where the arm will be sited lower as the over brace will go up to the maximum roof height. Therefore if you have a scenario where your building has a low ceiling height and you want to obtain the maximum possible lifting height then an under braced model will suit you much better than an over braced model.

It will move freely and be able to operate safely in such a scenario, whether you choose wall or column mounting.  

Another perk worth mentioning is the ability to swing the arm through a radius of up to 270 degrees, with the option to limit this travel where necessary. This lets you manoeuvre the crane and the attached hoist to whichever position is most useful, improving productivity and ensuring that it is a practical addition to workshops, factories and warehouses.

The downside to under bracing

The only main downside to an under braced model is that the full length of the jib’s arm / boom cannot be utilised. The brace connects with the arm part way along its length, which blocks off the beam at the closest point to the central supporting strut. Because of this, there is no way to use a certain portion of the arm, which might be a problem in a limited number of commercial settings.

This downside can be alleviated by having a  slightly longer reach than you would normally have. Remember though the maximum length/span of a jib arm is 5 metres for all models up to 2000kg, the 3000kg model can only have a maximum span of up to 4 metres.

Floor Mounted Jib Cranes from Lifting Gear Direct 

You may be a little taken aback by just how much choice you have when you order a floor mounted jib crane from Lifting Gear Direct. The smallest of the floor mounted models we sell has a lifting capacity of 125kg. It can operate with a radius of up to five metres, or any incremental measurement below this limit. Meanwhile the maximum under beam height of five metres is another benefit that puts you in complete control of how it is configured.   

The largest of the floor mounted models that Lifting Gear Direct can make for your business has a capacity of 3000kg. The radius and under beam height are capped at four metres apiece, which keeps the entire assembly stable and safe even if it is handling a very heavy load.   

Another top consideration is where to position the crane. Our specialists can help with this, as we need to be sure that the floor is sturdy enough to take its weight safely. If you need to position the crane very close to an obstruction, a wall mounted or column mounted model may be more suitable.

Constructed from the best quality materials available and made to measure according to your needs, these swing jibs will be a great investment.   

Custom Made under braced Swing Jib Cranes to your Specifications

Lifting Gear Direct Under braced cranes can travel through a 270 degree radius as standard and with the addition of slewing stops you can limit the swing to suit your requirements. This can be very beneficial when you consistently require the arm to stop in the same position which is part way between the minimum and maximum slew range.

Because we have designed and fabricate our own range of slewing jib products we can produce a crane bespoke to you.  We can apply the under brace to floor mounted, wall mounted or column mounted versions and to any size within their respective maximum height and span ranges. We can also supply and fit many types of hoisting devices to complete your lifting equipment set up.

Adapting your Bespoke Slewing Jib

Depending on the size of the crane you need and the area in which you want to install it, our over braced slewing crane can be attached to a column or wall in your premises, or alternatively affixed directly to the floor. This makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use, although the latter will have to be taken into consideration when choosing the other components you add to the assembly.

We can supply the lifting gear and accessories you need to start taking advantage of your bespoke  jib from day one. Simply give us an idea of what you are hoping to achieve when you place your order and our experts can come up with the perfect package for you.

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