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3000kg under braced swing jib

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3000kg Under Braced Swing Jib

3000kg Under Braced Swing Jib

This is our largest capacity swing jib with under bracing it has a 3000kg / 3 tonne safe working load. The widest slewing range is 270 degrees, however simple stops can be added to limit this.

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We can customise this crane with optional features, build it and install it on-site to make things as simple as possible. 

Choosing a 3000kg Under Braced swing Jib

When you select an under braced swing jib we can set it up in a number of different ways. Our under braced range includes floor mounted models, as well as those suitable for mounting on walls or columns. So whatever the layout of your premises, we can fashion the best crane to suit your needs

We can equip our Jibs with quality hoisting equipment from respected brands. If you need add-on equipment  like clamps, trolleys, catenaries and knockout switches, these are also available to order as part of your package. 

Each crane we manufacture will also be fitted by our engineers and tested to ensure it complies with safety regulations. Our smaller cranes, with capacities of between 125kg and 2 tonne, are available alongside this range-topping 3 tonne unit, so you do not need to be restricted to a single safe working load if you are looking for something different to assist you with common lifting tasks. 

Get Floor Mounted Jib Quotes & Information

We can price up a floor mounted jib crane package for you or give you further details about any of our products. All you need to do is contact Lifting Gear Direct via phone on 01384 76961 or use our site to email us. The Lifting Gear Direct team is here to handle any queries.





SWL Height Under Beam Arm Length
3000kg 3000mm 3000mm
3000kg 3000mm 3500mm
3000kg 3000mm 4000mm
3000kg 4000mm 3000mm
3000kg 4000mm 3500mm
3000kg 4000mm 4000mm

 You can find out more details on each size below.