3000 kg Over Braced swing Jib crane

3000 kg Over Braced Swing Jib

Demag DCS-pro electric hoist

Demag DCS-pro Electric Hoist

Demag DC-pro Electric Hoist

Demag DC-pro Electric Hoist at a Glance:

  • Upper & lower limit switches
  • Slip clutch with auto cut out.
  • Elapsed operating time counter
  • 2 suspension brackets for DC 1-10
  • Aluminium powder coated housing
  • Low wear brakes
  • Cylindrical rotor motor with fan
  • Separate double encapsulated DC brake
  • Adjustable control cable length & control pendant position.
  • Available in lifting capacities from 80 - 5000kg.


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The DC-pro electric chain hoist comes from the top range of Demag Electric Hoists and is a very versatile piece of hoisting equipment with 2 lifting speeds as standard.

Designed for giving a long service life and with loads of features as standard, not add on extras, the Demag DC-Pro electric hoist is a market leader.

Demag DC-pro Electric Hoist Lifting Capacities

The DC-pro electric chain hoist has probably one of the most extensive lifting capacity ranges with no less than 19 SWL capacities to choose from. The finely graded safe working loads enables you to pick a hoist with a SWL closer to the maximum load weight you are likely to lift than other electric hoists, this could save many pounds as the higher the SWL, the higher the price; so for example if your top load will be 600kg, then most other hoist ranges would force you to choose a 1000kg model; with the Demag DC-pro electric hoist system you could choose the 630kg model, saving you money and enabling you to buy a smaller, lighter hoist.

Key Features of the DC-pro

An excellent benefit to the DC-pro hoist is that it requires almost no maintenance, with the main componentsdemag dc pro slip clutch (brake, slipping clutch & gearbox) boasting up to 10 year maintenance free. (DC-pro 10 - 25 brake for 5 years)

The slipping clutch provides the protection against overloading and the arrangement means there is no load dropping; a speed monitoring system also activates the automatic cut out of the clutch if necessary, enhancing the safety features of the hoist.

The double encapsulated DC brake means there is no brake bonding; the motor with a cylinder rotor has a fan and is separate from the brake. If the control system does happen to fail then the brake will automatically be applied.

The ergonomic DC-pro hoist has height adjustable controller pendants for easier operation. The length of the control cable and pendant position can be adjusted to suit the user with no need for messing with re-wiring.

Tech: The Demag DC-pro electric chain hoist has many technical systems, enhancing the operation of the hoist to its maximum. Incorporating a plug & play and plug & drive for all electrical connections. There is an elapsed time counter with statuses and error messages showing on the display. There is an infrared diagnostic interface with IDAPSY software to manage data specifics. Rapid access to the plug in connection points via the pivotal service cover which also has access to a collector for 3 meters of excess control cable and the chain drive.

dc pro

Minimum load sway is another bonus to using a Demag DC hoisting system; this is achieved via the smoothness of cross travel with both starting and braking movements. The speeds for acceleration and braking rate may be adjusted via the pendant controller.

Contacting us for help or a quote.

If you need advice or more information regarding a Demag hoist or any other electric chain hoist all you need to do is call 01384 76961 or email us with your needs.

SWL (KG)Chain hoist (Typ)Hoist speed (m/min)Motor sizeHook path₂ (m)Group of mechanisms (FEM)Reeving Max. Weight at H5/H8 respect. H4 (KG)
  at 50Hzat 60Hz     
80DC-Pro 1 8/29.6/2.4ZNK 71 B 8/25 and 8 4m1/122/24
DC-Pro 216/419.2/4.8
100DC-Pro 1 8/29.6/2.4
DC-Pro 216/419.2/4.8
125DC-Pro 1 8/29.6/2.4
DC-Pro 216/419.2/4.8
160DC-Pro 28/29.6/2.4
DC-Pro 516/419.2/4.8ZNK 80 B 8/2 28/30
200DC-Pro 28/29.6/2.4ZNK 71 B 8/23m22/24
DC-Pro 516/419.2/4.8ZNK 80 B 8/2 4m28/30
250DC-Pro 28/29.6/2.4ZNK 71 B 8/22m+₁22/24
DC-Pro 516/419.2/4.8ZNK 80 A 8/24m28/30
315DC-Pro 58/29.6/2.4ZNK 80 A 8/24m28/30
DC-Pro 1012/314.4/3.6ZNK 100 A 8/248/52
400DC-Pro 58/29.6/2.4ZNK 80 A 8/23m28/30
DC-Pro 1012/314.4/3.6ZNK 100 A 8/24m48/52
500DC-Pro 58/29.6/2.4ZNK 80 A 8/22m+₁28/30
DC-Pro 1012/314.4/3.6ZNK 100 A 8/24m48/52
630DC-Pro 106/1.57.2/1.8ZNK 100 A 8/24m48/52
12/314.4/3.6ZNK 100 B 8/256/60
800DC-Pro 106/1.57.2/1.8ZNK 100 A 8/23m48/52
12/314.4/3.6ZNK 100 B 8/256/60
1000DC-Pro 106/1.57.2/1.8ZNK 100 A 8/22m+₁48/52
12/314.4/3.6ZNK 100 B 8/256/60
1250DC-Pro 106/1.57.2/1.8ZNK 100 B 8/25 and 8 4m2/165/73
DC-Pro 1612/314.4/3.6ZNK 100 C 8/243m1/1111
1600DC-Pro 106/1.57.2/1.8ZNK 100 B 8/25 and 8 3m2/165/73
DC-Pro 168/29.6/2.4ZNK 100 B 8/242m+₁1/1103
12/314.4/3.6ZNK 100 C 8/2111
2000DC-Pro 106/1.57.2/1.8ZNK 100 B 8/25 and 8 2m+₁2/165/73
DC-Pro 258/29.6/2.4ZNK 100 C 8/241/1113
2500DC-Pro 104/14.8/1.2ZNK 100 B 8/25 and 8 1Am2/165/73
DC-Pro 258/29.6/2.4ZNK 100 C 8/241/1113
3200DC-Pro 164/14.8/1.2ZNK 100 B 8/242m+₁2/1110
6/1.57.2/1.8ZNK 100 C 8/2
4000DC-Pro 254/14.8/1.2 42m+₁2/1125
₁2m+ corresponds to 1900 hours at full load  ₂Longer hook paths possible, please enquire    


demag dc-pro dimensions

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