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Lifting Gear Direct supplies a wide range of Demag electric hoists for virtually any job, including DC-Pro chain hoists. Certified by the Hoist Manufacturers Institute, Demag DC-Pro hoists offer load capacities from 80kg to 5,000kg. This range offers multiple lifting speeds to give you total control during delicate operations. It is no wonder that this brand has become so prominent in the electric hoist marketplace.

Demag DCBS Electric Hoist with Balancer


About the Demag DCBS Electric Hoist with Balancer Function If you need to lift..

Demag DC-Wind Electric Hoist


 During installation, maintenance operations and/or repair work, tools and ..

Demag DCS-pro Electric Hoist


With its pro-hub function, reduced loads can travel up to 90% quicker. Depending..

Demag DC-Com Electric Hoist


With lifting capacities available up to 2000kg this is a complete hoisting syste..

Demag DCM-Pro Manulift Hoist


 Sometimes a helping hand is needed, especially in the case of heavier item..

Demag DC-pro Electric Hoist


The DC-pro electric chain hoist comes from the top range of Demag Electric ..

Demag DCMS-Pro Manulift Electric Hoist


The electric hoist is the Demag DCS pro system with the addition of the DCM-CS c..

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Best Demag Electric Chain Hoist Options

Our selection of tough and competitively priced Demag hoists includes DC-Com hoists with safe working loads up to 2000kg, DCMS-Pro hoists with SWL to 250kg, and innovative DC-Wind hoists with SWL up to 1500kg, for wind turbine applications and service needs.

These specialised products are ideally designed to provide assistance in unique circumstances.  With IP55 ratings, each model is also reliable and durable to withstand use in adverse conditions. Expect to use them in temperatures as low as minus 20, as high as 45 degrees Celsius, and everywhere in between.  

We also supply Demag’s DCS-Pro up to 3500kg SWL’s for smooth positioning and quick lifting speeds and the DCM & DCMS-Pro Manulift with SWL up to 250kg for ergonomic single-operator handling.

Like other electric host models in the range, these smaller scale units are easy to maintain and built with safety in mind, helping you avoid health issues. As well as integrated overload protection, they are designed to monitor lifting speed and prevent malfunctions which might put users at risk.

Key Benefits of Demag Electric Hoist Models

Aside from the benefits of buying hoists from this brand that have already been mentioned, there are plenty of other perks that make them a great investment. Firstly they are simple to install and straightforward to use, whether you have lots of experience with this type of product or are new to the world of lifting.

They also offer exceptional access for maintenance purposes. Being able to change the chain without pulling out the entire motor assembly is an advantage, for example. In most cases, the core components will last for years at a time without needing to be replaced. Of course, when something does go wrong, the built-in diagnostics tools and displays will help you pinpoint the problem straight away, without any guesswork involved.

Further Electric Hoist Performance Perks

Finally, one of the most important positive aspects of Demag hoist products is the smooth, consistent performance they deliver during use. Acceleration is handled gracefully, without any jerks or slips. Braking can be adjusted by the user to minimise sway and account for varied load weights. If consistency and control are important to you, then these electric chain hoist products will fit the bill brilliantly.

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Search through our electric hoist product range where you will find all the technical information and dimensions you are likely to need. Contact us online or call us on 01384 76961 if you require more information or a quotation. We can help with all of your lifting equipment product requirements and also give you the expert advice you need to make sure that the hoist you buy is the right one from our range of hoisting equipment for you.

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