Demag electric hoist with balancer

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Demag DCBS Electric Hoist with Balancer

Demag DCBS Electric Hoist with Balancer

Precise lifting has never been so easy as with the Demag DBCS electric hoist with balancer function. Manipulate your loads with the greatest precision using the integrated balancer function with the D-grip servo control handle or by manual movement of the load. Load capacities up to 250kg are now available.

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About the Demag DCBS Electric Hoist with Balancer Function

If you need to lift and position sensitive or delicate loads with the greatest precision then the Demag DCBS could be the electric hoist for you.

Based on the trusted Demag DC range of electric hoists, this model goes a stage further with the addition of a balancer and D-grip control handle to actuate the most precise positioning of your load.

Lifting and lowering the load can be carried out in a few ways, firstly the grip control where you can hold the control handle and push up or pull down to lift or lower it, subsequently moving the load. Secondly you can move the load itself in the direction you need it to go – up or down. This smart control system is extremely beneficial if the load is large in size which makes it tricky to reach the control handle.

Little force is required to move the load in this way thanks to the pressure sensors and positioning is exceptionally precise as tiny movements can be made, you are in full control.

Thirdly the load control where the servo control handle control buttons can be pressed, pressing the up button will be automatically lift the load, and lowered with the second button.

Thanks to the high performance sensors the controller can be switched between grip or load control for intuitive load control. This can also be done automatically depending on the function selected.

Additionally there is a load sensor which determines the weight of the load as well as possible fluctuations. This data is used to determine the the speed and in which direction the load will be lifted or lowered.

Another function of the Demag DCBS electric hoist is the assembly function. This is ideal for joining two components horizontally. This function enables the load to sway very gently but not uncontrollably to enable very precise, tiny movements.

Load pick up mode is a further function ideal for changing tools or removing parts from jigs etc. It is possible to adjust the balancer so that it will lift the load only until the pre-set force is reached.

Other DCBS Balancer Hoist Features

The Demag DCBS electric chain hoist consists of a number of standard features just like all other Demag hoists. A low wear regenerative braking system is positioned in front of the auto-cut out slip clutch for excellent safety, and together with the gearbox these components are maintenance free for up to 10 years. Upper and lower limit switches are present as well as an elapsed time counter.

The balancer system load sensor is incorporated into the D-grip servo control handle, however there is the additional option to further expand the range of possible applications. If required this sensor will be in the same position that the handle is normally but the control handle is separate. This enables easy reach and use of the controller when large loads are being handled as the sensor and control handle are separate.

If you would like to see just how this hoist can be used then watch the video here.

Similar Hoisting Systems

Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply a wide range of electric hoists including a number of similar tool handling hoists as well as spring balancers. These are all great for assembly lines, workbench tasks and other tool / load handling operations where lifting repetitiveness or precise placement of the load are required. There is a choice of electric tool handling hoists as well as a couple of air powered handling hoists so you have multiple options.

If you need any help with your choice then give the team a call on 01384 76961.

Load Capacity kg 125 250
Lifting Speeds (VS min/VS rated) m/min 0.15 – 30 0.15 – 16
Max. Lifting Height mm 4300 4300
Chain Size mm 4.2 x 12.2
Group of Mechanisms FEM / ISO 4m / M7
Supply Voltage V AC 380 – 480
Frequency Hz 50/60
Control Voltage V DC 24
Output kW 0.94
Hoist Motor duty factor % 15% (VS min) / 60% (VS rated
C dimension with long suspension bracket mm 884.5
Equipment length mm 502
Weight kg 27
Temperature range °C -20 to +40 (without reduction in CDF) 50 ()30% CDF)
Protection class/ insulation class
IP55 / F