He 500tf builders hoist

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HE 500TF Builders hoist

HE 500TF Builders hoist

With its three-phase motor and speedy lifting capabilities, the HE 500TF builders hoist is one of the most impressive offerings within the TEA L Europea gantry hoist family.

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 This builders hoist can lift and lower loads almost three times as quickly as the single phase HE 500 MF while still sharing the same 500kg load limit. For construction jobs that will involve a lot of manoeuvring of materials, this hoist will be a real asset. 

HE 500TF Builders Hoist Main Specifications

The HE 500TF builders gantry hoist comes complete with pendant control & Gantry, 400V supply. Ballast boxes supplied as an extra. The full specification includes:

  • Motor type : Three-phase
  • Max. lifting capacity : 500kg
  • Average lifting speed : 29 m/Min
  • Cable length : 25m
  • Steel cable diameter : 7mm

HE 500 TF Builders Gantry Hoist Benefits

From its efficient design to its impressive performance capabilities, this hoist has a lot to offer in the fight for supremacy over other gantry hoists and scaffold hoists. The beefy three-phase motor makes light work of half-tonne payloads, achieving an average lifting speed of 29 metres a minute. That is quicker than the 23 metres per minute boasted by the HE 300MF and it manages to achieve this while offering 66 per cent more capacity. 

Also worth considering is the fact that while the HE 500TF is paired with a 25 metre cable, its working height can be increased through the addition of a longer cable measuring up to 40 metres. This is a common capability of the TEA L’Europea range, giving you more options when you need to change the setup of your gantry hoist to match each individual lifting task and environment that you encounter. 

Making a Gantry Hoist More Effective

The best way to build on the solid specifications offered by the HE 500TF gantry hoist is to partner it with the right accessories. You can lift loads safely and without the usual risks if you invest in a ballast box and gantry frame combination that matches its capacity. You can lug wheel barrows up to hard-to-reach areas with a hoist if you buy a wheel barrow sling. These are just some examples of the lifting equipment supplies we stock. 

Find out more about Gantry Hoists & Lifting Equipment Services

To talk to someone about the HE 500TF in detail, any of our other hoisting equipment, or to get answers to any questions you might have about what LGD can do for you, there are several ways to contact us. You can do so by calling 01384 76961 for an informative, friendly chat with our experts. You can also visit our contacts page to pose your query via email.


ModelHE 500 TF
Motor type Three Phase
Voltage 380v
Frequency 50Hz
Max. lifting capacity 500kg
Motor power1850w
Average lifting speed29 m/min
working length 25m
Max. working length40m
Steel cable diameter 7mm
Hoist weight50kg
Dimensions860 x 320 x 530 mm