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TEA L'Europea Builders Hoists

L'Europea Builders Gantry Hoists For Sale at Lifting Gear Direct

The TEA L’Europea builders hoist needs a gantry framework as its anchor point, this framework enables the builders hoist to hang over the edge of a building perhaps; in order to lift up materials. The construction and building industries have been using these builders hoists for over forty years and therefore have an excellent reputation around the building sites. Especially for scenarios where there is no scaffolding to enable the use of a scaffold hoist.

HE500 MF Twin Fall Builders Hoist


Features of the HE500 MF Twin Fall Builders Hoist This particular builders ..

HE 500TF Builders hoist


 This builders hoist can lift and lower loads almost three times as quickly..

HE 800TF Builders Hoist


 Sitting as part of the TEA L’Europea range, this builders hoist provi..

HE 800MF Builders Hoist


 This builders hoist is one of the higher capacity models from the TEA L’Eu..

Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle


Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle This particular gantry frame or tres..

Ballast Boxes


Ballast can be any material and is used to provide stability, usually to a vehic..

HE 300MF Builders Hoist


  As with all lifting gear products from this manufacturer, the build quali..

HE 500MF Builders hoist


 The HE500MF Builders Hoist shares a similar single phase motor to the smal..

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  TEA L'Europea also manufactures a gantry frame with the option of ballast boxes. Ballast boxes fit to the rear of the gantry frame to counterbalance the weight of the hoist and the load being lifted and can be filled with suitable substances accordingly.

TEA L'Europea Builders Hoists Available

Lifting Gear Direct can supply 5 different models of the TEA L’Europea builders gantry hoists; there are three single phase models (MF) and two three phase models (TF), with a range of lifting capacities including 300kg, 500kg and 800kg.  We can also supply a range of accessories for these gantry hoists, please see our Scaffold hoist and gantry hoist accessories page here.

Conforming to all the necessary regulations, TEA L’Europea builders hoists are the perfect solution to lifting on a construction site when there is no scaffolding available.

TEA L’Europea HE 300 MF Builders Hoist

With a 300kg capacity, a 25-metre cable and a 1100W engine, the HE 300 MF can lift loads at average speeds of up to 23 metres per minute. It is a fairly lightweight and compact bit of kit in its own right, with simple pendant controls and TEA’s innately resilient build quality to offer users.

TEA L’Europea HE 500 MF Builders Gantry Hoist

For this hoist the load capacity rises to 500kg, while a similar onboard motor means that the average speed is lowered to 11.5 metres per minute. Its standard 25 metre cable can be swapped out for a replacement with up to 35 metres of length available.

TEA L’Europea HE 500 TF Builders Hoist

Unlike its similarly capable sibling, the HE 500 TF is not limited by its load capacity when it comes to lifting speed. It can hit 29 metres per minute in a typical work cycle and uses a thicker 7mm steel cable to keep half-tonne loads safe and secure.

TEA L’Europea HE 800 MF Builders Hoist

With even greater load-carrying capabilities, the HE 800 MF takes things one step further thanks to its 800kg working load limit. Again the lifting speed sits at 11.5 metres per minute, while the 60kg weight of the hoist itself is impressively light, ensuring that it is easier to attach it to the gantry frame that will play host to it during its lifting duties.

TEA L’Europea HE 800 TF Builders Hoist

This hoist blends 800kg of load-lugging might with a quicker 14.5 metre per minute average lifting speed, which it can reach even when close to capacity. It is the largest and most powerful of the TEA L’Europea range that we stock, although you can check out our full line up of gantry hoists if you have different needs to be met.

Ask us About our TEA L’Europea Builders Hoists

If you have a question concerning any of our gantry hoist products or want to get a quote for the TEA models we sell, please get in touch with Lifting Gear Direct. Reaching us is as simple as calling 01384 76961 or emailing via our contact form to get a reply from an expert in lifting equipment of all types.
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