Ballast boxes

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Ballast Boxes

Ballast Boxes

Using ballast boxes can be crucial to the safety of using a builders hoist on a gantry frame, the ballast will counterbalance the weight of the hoist and load.

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Ballast can be any material and is used to provide stability, usually to a vehicle or structure. Ballast is typically used in boats and ships for balance; these are in the form of a ballast tank where water flows in and out to provide consistent stability.

Ballast Boxes

A ballast box like these you see here is used at the rear of a gantry frame or trestle to provide a stable counter balance to the gantry hoist and load being lifted.

A gantry frame with a gantry hoist is designed to overhang a building structure in order to raise tools and materials. Because they are not typically fixed down, without the counterbalance they would simply tip over the edge. When ballast boxes are attached to the rear of the frame and filled with suitable materials of a certain weight the force applied by the hoist and load can be offset and therefore keep it stable.

The ballast boxes come in three sizes to suit the majority of gantry hoists and frames; 300kg, 800kg & 1000kg boxes are typically available. You must ensure they are securely attached to the gantry frame as directed and ensure they are filled with ballast of the correct weight to counterbalance the hoist and load to be lifted. If the ballast boxes are not sufficiently weighted then the gantry/trestle frame will become unstable and can result in a serious accident.

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines with this and any other lifting equipment to ensure you are using them correctly and in the safest way possible.

If this is not quite the right system for you and you have access to a scaffold tower then one of our scaffold hoists may suit your needs better. We have many accessories to suit builder’s hoists of both types.

Extra Information & Ordering from LGD

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