He 800mf builders hoist

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HE 800MF Builders Hoist

HE 800MF Builders Hoist

The HE 800 MF is a single phase gantry hoist which comes complete with pendant control and gantry with a 220 volt supply.

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 This builders hoist is one of the higher capacity models from the TEA L’Europea range of hoists. Capable of handling 800kg safe working loads safely when paired with the right gantry assembly and ballast box combo, this hoist is a smooth and effective bit of equipment that will power through heavy duty tasks on the building site without breaking a sweat. If this is not the right choice for you then check out our other scaffold hoists and gantry hoists.

HE 800MF Builders Hoist Specification Roundup

  • Ballast boxes supplied as an extra.
  • Motor type: single phase
  • Maximum lifting capacity: 800kg
  • Lifting speed: 11.5 m/min
  • Cable length: 25m
  • Steel cable diameter: 6mm

HE 800MF Builders Hoist Closer Look

With its 800kg safe working load limit, this builders gantry hoist trumps its smaller siblings, such as the HE 500TF. However, it uses a single phase motor, which means it has less power at its disposal and so offers a lower average lifting speed. If you are looking for quicker lifting of 800kg loads, the three phase HE 800TF will be a good alternative, albeit one that comes in at a higher price point. 

TEA is a respected manufacturer and has built many brands from humble beginnings to the point that they are internationally respected. This is true of the L’Europea range of builders gantry hoists, and the HE 800MF conforms to hard-won expectations of excellence. The motor is reliable and simple to maintain, the housing is hard-wearing and well designed, the controls are simple to use and no detail has been overlooked in the design of this hoist. 

HE 800 MF Gantry Hoist Augmentations

If you need gantry hoist accessories to bring out the best in this model, we can supply them as part of your order. Ballast boxes are essential for lifting safety, so if you do not have access to any at the moment then they should be at the top of your wish list. Our largest gantry frame has an 800kg load limit, which pitches it perfectly in combination with the HE 800 MF. 

Contact LGD to get HE 800MF Builders Gantry Hoist Info & Prices

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Model HE 800 MF
Motor type  Single Phase
Voltage  220v
Frequency  50Hz
Max. lifting capacity  800kg
Motor power 1500w
Average lifting speed 11.5 m/min
working length  25m
Max. working length 40m
Steel cable diameter  6mm
Hoist weight 60kg
Dimensions 860 x 320 x 570 mm