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Kito Block and Tackle

Kito Chain Blocks For Sale at Lifting Gear Direct

We sell Kito chain hoists here at Lifting Gear Direct, giving buyers in the UK the opportunity to see what this brand has to offer. Kito is one of the biggest brands in the lifting equipment marketplace, providing a popular line up of cutting edge products in this category. The Kito chain block and tackle range has 3 models to choose from the CB, the CF, and the CX, check them out for all the specifications. Buy your ideal block and tackle today!

Kito CB Block and Tackle


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Kito CX Block and Tackle


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 Originally founded in Japan in 1932, Kito has gone from strength to strength and now commands respect from customers around the world.

Kito CB Block and Tackle

The CB range of chain hoists from Kito consists of models that offer safe working limits of between 500kg and 50 tonnes. That makes it one of the broadest families of lifting equipment available today.

Built from tough, sturdy steel and yet still designed to be light and compact, these chain blocks are suited to almost every conceivable lifting job you might need to complete. The manufacturer also promises smooth, safe operation with every cycle, as well as a low level of maintenance requirements which will make each unit straightforward to use from day to day.

Kito CF Chain Hoist

The CF range is a little simpler than the CB, but still has Kito’s unflappable build quality to make it worth considering. One of the advantages of picking a model from this lineup is that because of its simplicity, it will be less likely to succumb to faults and flaws over time, which will reduce the need for maintenance and replacement.

Lifting capacities for the CF range of Kito chain hoists begin at half a tonne and reach five tonnes for the largest example. With stainless steel components, they can resist common types of corrosion and will operate without incident for as long as necessary.

Kito CX Chain Block

There is a single model in this particular range, offering a 250kg load capacity and a small yet perfectly formed exterior which allows for easy transportation and storage. If you have light lifting duties to tackle that are better handled with a hoist, rather than using manual power alone, it will be a worthwhile purchase. The safety latch will keep it in position with no chance of dropping, while the overload limiter that is included will ensure that it does not get lumbered with more weight than it can handle.

Other Kito Products to Consider

You will find plenty of other equipment from Kito on our site, including electric hoists and lever hoists. Every model is built to meet or exceed the standards laid down by industry regulators, while also being competitive in terms of performance and price with the gear from rival brands that we also sell.

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Lifting Gear Direct is here to help you with any questions or queries you might have about chain blocks. You can get product info or a quote when you call us on 01384 76961 or email us via our contact page. Our friendly, experienced staff will get back to you quickly with all the details you need.

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