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Tractel Block and Tackle

Buy the Tractel Tralift Chain Block at Lifting Gear Direct

You can now buy the Tractel block and tackle directly from the range at Lifting Gear Direct at great prices. The Tralift chain block can lift up to a huge 20 tonnes for the top model with a much lower lifting capacity block & tackle models to choose from. There are many chain blocks from other manufacturers also available giving you the best choice around.

Tractel Block and Tackle Options 

Need a block & tackle that is smaller, lighter, and more compact than many other comparable units on the market? Then the Tralift range from Tractel will be a good fit for you. It comes with a 180 degree chain guide to make it easier to use in different settings, and in spite of its size is endowed with large brakes to ensure it can be used safely and precisely. With working limits of 500kg to 20 tonnes, it is diminutive yet effective in a range of settings. You can buy this model right here at Lifting Gear Direct, and it is just one of the many Tractel products we sell.  

Tractel Tralift Block and Tackle

Tractel Tralift Block and Tackle


This block & tackle also comes with plenty of useful features that make it p..

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About Tractel Block and Tackle

Tractel chain blocks are a worthy addition to this line-up of manual chain hoists, representing the company’s heritage effectively with their versatility and build quality. For almost 80 years Tractel has been serving the global lifting equipment market with its own brand of well designed, competitively priced kits. As well as hoists, it is a leader in the PPE market, with lots of products to pick from.  Here is an overview of some of the models we sell at Lifting Gear Direct.  

Tractel Tralift Chain Block

A lot of other manual chain blocks are marketed as being small yet powerful. In reality, the only one which can live up to both claims is the Tralift from Tractel. Just a quick glance at its compact exterior will tell you that a lot of effort has gone into slimming down this hoist without limiting its capabilities.

Even in its basic form, the smallest of the range can still cope with loads weighing up to 500kg. Sizes increase as the Tralift family progresses, with the biggest unit offering a 20 tonne safe working limit. Furthermore its size means that it can be used even if there is not much room around the assembly to which it is affixed. This is a relevant advantage in a number of industries and scenarios, from factories to warehouses and beyond.

Aside from its dimensions, there are a lot of other advantages to the Tralift that are worth mentioning. It has a 180 degree chain guide which makes it easier to manoeuvre loads from different angles while still keeping the operation of the chain smooth. It has brakes and bearings which are larger than you might think, which means that it can hold loads securely and reel them in without any clunking and grinding going on.

Buyers can specify different features and add-ons for manual chain blocks, including load limiters that ensure they are not encumbered with too much weight accidentally, preserving lifting safety in the process. Meanwhile, the nyloc nuts which are used to keep the ensure assembly together will be a resilient and welcome addition, able to withstand high pressures and temperatures alike.

Buy Other Tractel Lifting Products

As one of the top brands in the lifting equipment market, Tractel supplies lots of other useful products and components. From beam clamps to lever hoists, it has plenty to offer customers. Check out all of the Tractel options you can buy here at Lifting Gear Direct.  

Meanwhile, if you require manual chain blocks from a rival brand, you will find a catalogue of alternatives on our site, featuring models from Tiger, Yale and Kito, amongst others.  

Call or Email for Info & Advice on Tractel Chain Blocks

Whether you are an experienced buyer or a newcomer to the world of chain block hardware, Lifting Gear Direct is here to help. You can reach our team by calling 01384 76961 or using the contact page to email us with whatever questions you might have. We can provide extra product information and give you a price for the kit you require.

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