Imer g500 builders hoist

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Imer G500 Builders Hoist

Imer G500 Builders Hoist

For any construction worker lifting and lowering materials to different levels of a building in progress is an everyday occurrence. To make their job easier and safer builders gantry hoists are often utilized.
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 This Imer G500 builders hoist can handle loads up to 500kg and can lift to a maximum height of 42 metres at up to 17 metres per minute; meaning that most materials commonly used can be taken to wherever they are needed quickly and safely.

Features & Benefits of the Imer G500 Builders Hoist

To protect the builders hoist and load from being lifted too far and causing damage, the hoist is fitted with an upper limit lever and micro switch; this will stop the hoist when it hits them at the maximum lifting point.

This builders gantry hoist can be positioned with a 1 meter overhang thanks to the 3.3 metre running beam. This enables materials to be lifted up the outside of a structure with ease. Buckets of mortar, loaded brick baskets and wheelbarrows with slings can be lifted and lowered easily, quickly and safely, this can alleviate many safety issues which can arise if these materials were to be lifted manually.

The Imer G500 gantry hoist incorporates a brake system to allow positioning along the beam to which there are rubber end stops for added hoist protection.

A front kickboard and ballast boxes come with this gantry hoist to comply with lifting regulations. The ballast boxes are lockable and will need to be filled with 250kg of ballast in each to ensure the hoist remains stable.

The electric motor is single phase 230v.50Hz with an IP67 plug. Operated via a 1.5 metre pendant controller which has 3 control buttons and is rated to IP65.

Builders Gantry Hoist Accessories

There are a number of accessories available from Lifting Gear Direct to compliment both gantry hoists and scaffold hoists. The G500 hoist can be used with many of these accessories including buckets with various capacities, wheelbarrows, brick baskets, solar panel lifting beams and more, view the gantry hoist accessories page to see them all.

Ordering your Builders Hoist

When you are ready to place an order? Call 01384 76961 to speak to a member of our team who will take down all the necessary details. You can also contact us by email here. We also offer thorough inspections on all of your lifting equipment which is necessary by law, repairs and servicing are also available.


Max capacitykg500
Av. full load lifting speedm/min17
Max working heightm42
Ø wire ropemm6
Rope lengthm43
Motor power ratekW1.5 (110V50Hz)
Motor speedrpm1320
Running currentA23
Machine weightkg50
SPL in operator’s positiondB(A)<72
Dimensions w/l/hmm382/800/410
Packing Dimensions w/l/hmm400/820/440