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IMER builders hoists have been manufactured specifically for the building and construction industries for more than half a century and produce quality products that can be relied upon. Lift loads up to 1000kg with ease. Construction workers need reliable lifting equipment as down time costs money. If there is no convenient scaffolding for the use of a scaffold hoist then a builders gantry hoist could be the answer. Lift and lower your materials using a builders hoist and gantry frame.

Imer Airone Builders Hoist / Stand Hoist


 These builders hoists have been specially designed with construction ..

Imer G500 Builders Hoist


 This Imer G500 builders hoist can handle loads up to 500kg and can lift to..

Imer ET500 TF Builders Hoist / Stand Hoist


 Easily fitted to a counterbalanced gantry frame the ET500 builders hoist&n..

IMER BS 500 Builders Hoist


The IMER BS 500 Builders Hoist has various advantageous features, such as a half..

IMER ET 300N Builders Hoist


 With a 300kg load limit, the IMER ET 300N Builders Hoist is capable o..

IMER Builders Hoist Trolley


Imer Scaffold Hoist Trolley Used on many construction projects together with a ..

IMER Gantry Frame


About the Imer Gantry Frame  If you need to use a hoist on a roof top or f..

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Why Use an IMER Builders Hoist

Scaffold hoists are commonly used on sites where scaffold towers are present, however, it is often the case that scaffolding is not present at certain times during the building process but materials still need to be lifted to higher areas. This is where an IMER builders hoist comes in handy.

Used in conjunction with an IMER gantry frame (see scaffold and gantry hoist accessories) these electric hoists can be positioned over the side of a structure to lift any required materials or equipment. Ballast boxes to the rear of the frame invoke the counter-balance to ensure the gantry, hoist and load remain stable.

You should always refer to and follow the manufacturer’s user instructions to ensure safety and stability at all times.

IMER ET 300 N Builders Hoist

The ET 300 N is a builders gantry hoist that is both easy to use and compact in design, delivering a solid 300kg load capacity and a simple pendant control unit for uncomplicated operation. It can hit load lifting speeds of between 18 and 19 metres on average, with a maximum working height of 25 metres making it competitive in its particular market segment.

Operators will not have to put up with too much of an aural assault when using this gantry hoist thanks to its sub-75 decibel volume rating. Meanwhile, the sturdy steel rope is resilient and reliable, just like the Ip67 rated plug.

IMER BS 500 Builders Hoist

The larger of the two IMER builders hoists we stock, the BS 500 can cope with loads weighing up to half a tonne, lifting and lowering them at speeds of up to 26 metres per second even when this limit is reached.

The motor can work at 1400rpm and will generate under 80 decibels from the operator’s position, which is definitely tolerable with hearing protection in place.

This gantry hoist is built to be used continuously, so is innately durable and will be tough enough to survive whatever heavy duty lifting tasks you need to throw at it.

IMER Builders Gantry Hoist Accessory Options

If you are thinking about buying IMER builders gantry hoists, you will also need to make sure that they are paired with compatible accessories to allow them to be used effectively and as intended.

We sell official IMER gantry frames which match the 300kg and 500kg lifting capacities of the ET 300 N and BS 500 respectively. You can also find hoist trolleys, internal adjustable props, scaffold attachments, clamps and extensions from this manufacturer on our site.

With a whole host of lifting equipment, as well as inspection services to ensure that your kit stays safe over the years, you should be able to find everything you need and more right here at Lifting Gear Direct.

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Lifting Gear Direct are able to supply a range of IMER builders gantry hoists and accessories in a range of lifting capacities, call us for more information. Our team can be reached on 01384 76961, or you can email for more details via our contact page. Whatever your question, we will address it quickly and with expert knowledge.

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