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If you need a George Taylor GT chain block, we stock them here at Lifting Gear Direct. Built to last and created from market-leading components, the GT Viper manual chain block is the current front runner in the George Taylor range. It has plenty of perks to offer, with the smallest example boasting a capacity of 500kg and the largest reaching 30,000kg of load-handling potential.  We have many other manual chain hoists from different manufacturers too.

The Viper Chain Block

The Viper chain block  incorporates a great selection of lifting capacities ranging from 500kg up to 30000kg. A compact and durable manual chain hoist with a great price tag.

GT Viper Chain Block GT Viper Chain Block

GT Viper Chain Block


 This is an excellent manual chain hoist option for organisations of a..

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Based in the UK, George Taylor Lifting has established itself as leading brand on a nation and global level alike. It provides manual chain block products, along with a wide number of other impressive types of equipment, such as hydraulic jacks, safety kits for working at height, and much more. Founded all the way back in 1974, the firm has expanded over the years and now has offices in the UAE as well as the UK to help cater to its growing number of international customers.

GT Viper Manual Chain Block

Many of the components, including the load and hand chains, are plated in zinc, which has the dual purpose of ensuring smooth operation and preventing corrosion. This means that the Viper will be able to operate consistently and precisely, day after day, without suffering any faults or foibles.

Sealed ball bearings are used to keep the mechanism running without a hitch while keeping potentially harmful materials and substances out of the interior. This means that the whole assembly is simple to maintain and affordable to own over its lifespan.

Heavy duty cast catches on the top and bottom hooks are strong, durable, and built to withstand the rated loads for each chain block model. Finally from an aesthetic point of view, the Viper is an attractive unit, with a distinctive red exterior helping it to stand out, and all the information about its performance capabilities and limits displayed clearly so that operators know exactly what it can do.

Our Other GT Products

Outside of the GT Viper range of chain blocks, you can also find other George Taylor products on our site, all of which are built to the same high standards. The GT Viper lever hoist, for example, is a versatile bit of kit that can not only cope with lifting loads weighing up to nine tonnes but also offers lashing and tensioning capabilities. Made from hardened alloy steel, it is resilient and reliable.  Browse our site and you are sure to find what you are looking for today.

How to Contact Lifting Gear Direct

It is easy to get in touch with the Lifting Gear Direct team if you have a query about George Taylor chain blocks, or need to know more about any item we sell on our site. Fill out the contact form on our site for a speedy reply, or call us direct on 01384 76961 to speak with a knowledgeable member of staff.

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