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Delta dts electric hoist and trolley

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Delta DTS Electric Hoist and Trolley System

Delta DTS Electric Hoist and Trolley System

Buy the Delta DTS electric chain hoist and trolley system as a complete package for better cost effectiveness from Lifting Gear Direct. Push travel trolley and electric power drive trolley systems are available with lifting capacities ranging from 250kg up to 5000kg.  

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About the Delta DTS Electric Hoist and Trolley System

With a great range of options to choose from including 6 different safe working loads, push travel or power drive trolley system and even radio remote control systems you can perfectly get your electric hoist set up to suit your specific requirements.

Six metres height of lift comes as standard with the supplied RUD chain. The hoist is a dual speed system giving you more control over your loads. With up to 7 metres per minute at the highest speed and 0.85 metres per minute at the lowest speed though it will entirely depend on the hoist model chosen. See the specification tab to see all the speed options between models. For many more details about the hoist itself you can head over to the main Delta DTS electric hoist page here.

Next let us examine the different trolley options available for the DTS combo. Both push and power options will fit most 'I' and 'H' beam profiles Suitable for beam widths of 74-300mm for models up to 2000kg and 88-300mm for the 3 & 5 tonne options Wheel diameters also vary between the different models starting at 68mm up to 110mm. Check the specs and dimensions above for all the details.

Delta DTS Electric Hoist with Push Travel Trolley

This is the cheapest option of the two systems available owing to the fact that it is manual in operation. The trolley is moved along a beam by manually pushing and/or pulling the load itself or the load hook/chain in gentle movements. This obviously requires more physical effort than a power drive trolley and could potentially cause a muscular injury if not moved correctly.

The push trolley has a low headroom design and incorporates safety bars which offer protection from impacts, falls and breaking. An anti-tilting mechanism provided by the balance support wheels at each side has been incorporated into the design to offer high stability and safety.

The quality wheels operate with ball bearings which are permanently lubricated for continuous smooth running along the beam.

Delta DTS Electric Hoist with Electric Trolley

This is the easiest option when it comes to manual effort, none required! Using the plug and play functionality the 400V trolley is really easy to attach to the DTS electric hoist and plug in, resulting in a fully powered hoist and trolley system. Lifting and moving loads across a beam will be quick, precise and easy and therefore this combination is perfect when many loads need to be moved on a daily basis.

Like the push trolley it is low headroom in design and has ball bearing mounted wheels enable smooth movements and as they are permanently lubricated this will be continual. Impact safety bars and anti-tilt, balance support wheels are also incorporated. This power drive and hoist combo will have a 4 button pendant control to support the load up and down movements as well as the trolley left and right movements. Remote control options are available to enhance usage.

Our Delta hoist video is now available on the main Delta hoist page or on You Tube together with many of our other videos on the Lifting Gear Direct video channel.

Other Hoist & Trolley Combinations

Lifting Gear Direct also import and supply the UK with the cost effective premium Delta DEH electric hoist or the DEH hoist & trolley combo. High quality and reliable hoisting with easy plug and play function to interchange components i.e. trolley &/or control option. Parts and accessories available.

Please feel free to compare our range of Delta hoists with similar electric hoists from other brands. Have any questions? Call us on 01384 76961 and we will answer any questions.

Takeaway Summary

  • 2 speeds

  • hoist & trolley combo

  • 250kg – 5000kg capacity options.

  • 6 meters of lifting height as standard.

  • Up to 7m/min at top speed

  • Most beam widths catered for

  • Easy to fit hoist & trolley to beam

  • Choice of push travel trolley or electric powered travel.

    View the specification charts for additional information.

Power Drive Trolley Dimensions
Model Capacity (kg) Minimum radius (m) Wheel Diameter (mm) Net Weight (KG) A B C D
DTS250 250 2.5 68 31 336 130 97 340
DTS500 500 2.5 68 33 336 130 97 340
DTS1000 1000 2.5 68 33 336 130 97 340
DTS2000 2000 2.5 75 40 338 132 113 340
DTS3000 3000 5 96 56 340 135 133 370
DTS5000 5000 5 110 76 410 135 140 410
Push Trolley Dimensions
Model Capacity (kg) Minimum radius (m) Wheel Diameter (mm) Net Weight (KG) A B C
DTS250 250 2.5 68 22 424 75 270
DTS500 500 2.5 68 22 424 75 270
DTS1000 1000 2.5 68 22 424 75 270
DTS2000 2000 2.5 755 22 424 75 270
DTS3000 3000 5 96 42 466 110 330
DTS5000 5000 5 110 44 466 110 334

delta DTS electric hoist and trolley dimensions

The hoist dimensions can be found here

DTS with Power Trolley Specs
Model Capacity Traversing Speed (m/min) Trolley power output (kW) Beam Width (mm) Net Weight (kg) Minimum height (H)
DTS250 250kg 20/6.7 0.2/0.07 74-300 81 480
DTS500 500kg 20/6.7 0.2/0.07 74-300 84 480
DTS1000 1000kg 20/6.7 0.2/0.07 74-300 90 510
DTS2000 2000kg 20/6.7 0.4/0.13 74-300 104 695
DTS3000 3000kg 18/6 0.4/0.13 88-300 172 665
DTS5000 5000kg 18/6 0.75/0.25 88-300 206 885
DTS With Push Trolley Specs
Model Capacity (kg) Beam Width (mm) Net Weight (kg) Minimum Height (H) mm
DTS250 250kg 74-300 72 480
DTS500 5000kg 74-300 73 480
DTS1000 1000kg 74-300 79 510
DTS2000 2000kg 74-300 86 695
DTS3000 3000kg 88-300 158 665
DTS5000 5000kg 88-300 174 885

The hoist specifications can be found here