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Demag dcms pro manulift electric hoist

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Demag DCMS-Pro Manulift Electric Hoist

Demag DCMS-Pro Manulift Electric Hoist

The Demag DCMS PRO Manulift electric hoist is ideal for bench work and where single handed operation is needed, whether in a factory setting or manufacturing facility. It boasts variable speeds for loads up to 250kg.
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The electric hoist is the Demag DCS pro system with the addition of the DCM-CS control system. This combination enables very precise positioning of any load, with the use of just one hand, it can also be operated with the left or right hand at any time without the need to change the hand held control.

Speeds of the Demag DCMS pro Manulift Electric Hoist

This hoisting system incorporates variable speed control (unlike the 2 speed DCM Manulift) for lifting, lowering and the placement of loads up to 250kg with absolute precision. The variable speed is operated through a button which works like a car accelerator; the further it is pushed, the faster it goes. Partial loads can go quicker than a full load! And the unit has creep speeds of 0.15 m/min. This is ideal for valuable or sensitive loads. The hoist will switch to the creeping speed automatically, just before the top and bottom limit locations are reached. 

This kind of precision is a major selling point and demonstrates why this type of lifting equipment is so popular with customers from a variety of commercial backgrounds. Deft speed management and automated features are not just about usability, but also about ensuring safety levels are maintained and avoiding unnecessary wear and tear. 

 To find out more about the Demag DCS Pro Electric Hoist please refer to its own product page.

Advantages Of DCMS-Pro Manulift Electric Hoist Ownership

There are a number of reasons to choose this hoist, many of which are consistent across the entire Demag range. The durable, reliable built quality and onboard diagnostics features are at the top of the list of benefits.  

The temperature of the internal motor is monitored at all times to keep track of any irregularities and provide alerts if something is amiss. Maintenance requirements are minimal, and with excellent accessibility to the internal components you can swap the chain and carry out other common tasks without any hassle. 

Electric Hoist Safety Concerns

As with all electric hoists safety is another reason to select the DCMS-Pro hoist in this competitive marketplace. The smooth acceleration and braking means that loads are not subjected to sudden stops or starts. This means that they will not start swaying unexpectedly, making them stable and planted as they are being handled. For a hoist that allows single handed operation, you will really appreciate features like this in your warehouse, workshop or factory. 

Demag Lifting Equipment Attachments

Just like the DCM pro Manulift, the Demag DCMS Manulift hoist has a range of easy to fit attachments for handling a good diversity of loads, including both cubic and cylindrical objects. The coupling arrangement enables the attachments to be changed swiftly when required.

Lifting Gear Direct can supply 4 models of the Demag DCMS Pro Manulift electric hoist system. The load lifting capacities are 80kg, 125kg, 200kg & 250kg with hook paths between 2.8 & 4.3 metres. We can also supply the tool handling attachments to further enhance the DCS pro hoist.

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LC (KG)Manulift type DCMS-ProLifting speed at 50/60 HZ (m/min)Hook path (m)FEMReevingWeight (kg)  for hook path
  VS ratedVS max   2.8m4.3m
8010.15-30302.8 and 4.34m1/12527