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Demag dcs pro electric hoist

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Demag DCS-pro Electric Hoist

Demag DCS-pro Electric Hoist

The Demag DCS Pro Electric Hoist has great versatility and incorporates a variable speed system which works like a car accelerator. A gentle push of the button and the lift will rise slowly, push down harder and you will increase the speed.
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With its pro-hub function, reduced loads can travel up to 90% quicker. Depending on the model/size chosen, the creep speeds start from 0.15m/min and the maximum lifting speeds go up to 30m/min.  This is a high spec electric chain hoist by Demag.

Key Features of the Demag DCS Pro Electric Hoist 

Along with the excellent variable speed as mentioned above, the Demag DCS pro electric hoist incorporates many other features which improve usability. 

The fine control permits gentle starting of the lift and fine positioning of the load, this can be very beneficial for finer bench work tasks and production lines, especially if used in combination with the DCMS Manulift controls. The fine controls also optimize the control pendant ergonomics. 

A further benefit is that prior to the hook reaching either the upper or lower limiters the hoist will automatically switch to a slower speed for extra safety. You get low vibration and swaying of the load with the DCS pro hoist due to the breaking & acceleration ramps; these, along with the lifting speed parameters may be modified using the control unit if necessary. 

Lifting Hoist Safety Factors

The complete control system, as well as the frequency inverter comes as a compact module which is located under the electric equipment cover for good accessibility and safety. These units are reliable and safe due to the 24v control with the added benefit of operational limit switches. There is a slip clutch which provides the overload protection, this is speed monitored for additional security. 

The Intuitive Design of the Demag DCS-Pro

This electric hoist is built to be convenient and effective throughout its life. From initial installation through to the maintenance and repairs that will eventually be required, it is a hard working bit of kit. This makes inspection and upkeep easier.  

The control pendant is ergonomically designed to put every input within easy reach. The simple connectivity makes servicing a breeze. The wide range of adjustability means that it can be integrated seamlessly into almost any area. In short it has a lot to offer customers from various industries, like all of Demag’s electric hoists

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Top Benefits of the Demag DCS-Pro Electric Hoist

  • ·         Easy to install and set up
  • ·         Fast control pendant height adjustment – no extra wiring necessary.
  • ·         Diagnosis interface with time counter (elapsed)
  • ·         Easy access to plug connections. (pivotal service cover).
  • ·         The chain drive is easy to change (motor & gearbox don’t need to be removed)
  • ·         Up to 10 years maintenance free for the clutch, brake and gearbox.
  • ·         Wide operational temperature range (-20 - +45 degrees) 

Pick Up a Demag Hoist Today

Overall the DCS pro electric hoist offers high safety rates whilst in use with high efficiency. Lifting Gear Direct can supply the complete range of these trusted electric hoists, with lifting capacities going up to 3200kg. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need more information. You can talk to us on the phone by calling 01384 76961 or contact us direct via our website if you need help and advice about the products and services we provide.


LCChain hoist typeReevingFEMLifting speed at 50/60 Hz (m/min) Hook path (m)Weight for chain length (KG)
[kg]DCS-Pro  VSratedVSmax1) 5m8m
8011/14m0.15-30305 and 82)2527
1.250101Am0.04-475 and 85458
1.600102/13m0.06-6115 and 86872
2.000102/12m+*)0.06-6115 and 86872
2.500101Am5 and 86872
LC: Load capacity         
1) Maximum lifting speed in the partial load range/without load     
2) Longer hook paths on request        
*) 2m+ corresponds to 1,900 hours at full load