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GIS have a range of electric hoists on the market including the GCH range and the GPM model. The GCH range boasts double slip clutches for the highest safety possible. The GCH electric hoist range is also available in a special arrangement which is suitable for use in wind turbines. The newest hoist from GIS is the GPM electric hoist, a smaller, compact hoist for smaller lifting tasks up to 250kg.  Find out more below.

GIS GCH Electric Hoist


 There are several benefits to buying this brand of lifting equipment, incl..

GIS GP Electric Hoist


The range features a number of different models with their own load capacities, ..

GIS GPM Electric Chain Hoist


The GPM electric hoist is a new, light but powerful hoist offered by GIS. This i..

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GIS Electric Hoist Models

Gis electric hoists are available from Lifting Gear Direct. Swiss company GIS have been manufacturing electric chain hoists since the early 1960s and now supply their electric hoists in over 50 countries making them a worldwide known and respected brand you can trust. There are now three models in the GIS range of electric chain hoists, read on to find out more.

GIS GCH Electric Chain Hoist

Safety is taken into consideration with the core features of this compact, efficient hoist. Its double slip clutch can be adjusted if necessary, but its standard setup will keep loads stable and secure to avoid unintended drops. There is also an emergency stop function built into the pendant control on all models in this range.  

Some electric chain hoist models are noisy, but the GCH avoids this thanks to its helical gearing and specially adapted chain wheel. This combination keeps it quiet and composed, while also allowing it to operate smoothly.  

GIS GP Electric Hoist

Based on a newer design than the GCH, this range benefits from a three-year warranty which will give you confidence in its resilience. The low maintenance clutch and easy to access components make the upkeep of the hoist straightforward. And with an IP65 rating, this hoist is protected against everything from dust particles to direct jets of water.

Lifting capacities of both 250kg and 500kg are available as part of this range. If you need to handle heavier loads, then the double fall configuration increases the maximum capacity to 1000kg.  

GIS GPM Electric Hoist

This hoist is a lower capacity alternative to the full-sized GP range. It offers two lifting speeds, a slip clutch for safety, IP65 protection, and plenty of other attractive features to make it competitive.

A permanently lubricated and sealed gearbox allows the GPM to run seamlessly with each lift and lowering task that it completes. It is also precise and simple to manage thanks to the hand control and the geared limiters, which operators will appreciate. The pendant controller is attached to the hoist by a 1.8 metre cable on the basic model, which provides plenty of room for manoeuvring

The manufacturer has built this small scale hoist to be as lightweight as possible, with everything from the housing to the chain itself chosen with this in mind. The entire assembly tips the scale at just 14kg, which is sign of the engineering expertise that GIS brings to the table for all its hoist models.  

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These GIS electric hoists can be supplied, inspected, and repaired by Lifting Gear Direct, call us now for the best possible prices on 01384 76961. Alternatively, you can email our team to ask a question about the hoisting products and other lifting equipment we sell and the maintenance service options we offer.

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