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Gis gp electric hoist

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GIS GP Electric Hoist

GIS GP Electric Hoist

Now available from our extensive range of electric hoists this is the latest hoist offered by GIS and will eventually replace the lower capacity GCH hoists

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The range features a number of different models with their own load capacities, as well as many features which are found across every unit. For lifting weights of between 250kg and 1000kg, the GP family of hoisting equipment is a reliable option from a respected Swiss manufacturer that can rival many other top brands

GIS GP Electric Hoist Durability & Performance 

The GIS GP electric hoist has been designed for endurance and comes with a three year warranty. The simplistic modular structure of the GIS GP hoist means that maintenance is minimal and easy. There should be no operational interruptions either, thanks to there being NO sensitive electronics.

This hoist is designed to work hard yet retain a long operational life. It is an easy to use hoisting system with ergonomic pendant type hand controllers. These have low voltage at 42V for added protection and safety.

Main Features of the GIS GP Electric Hoist System

The DC brake system is spring loaded for excellent reliability to hold a load firmly.

There is a slipping clutch which is dry running and requires little maintenance, this goes to the whole hoist, and maintenance is minimal and quick. Easy access, assembly and taking apart are thanks to the polygonal connections; these are shaft-hub type connections and are self-centring.

The helical gearing mechanism has three steps and is permanently lubricated in its own self-contained housing. With IP65 protection the hoist is protected from water jets and dust ingress. This makes it an ideal hoist for use outdoors or in dusty conditions.

The hoist utilises a profile steel chain which is case hardened and manganese phosphate. The chain has an 8:1 safety factor and is corrosion resistant. Hook or eye suspensions are available, the GP uses skeleton hooks with  cast iron hook locking for continuous safe load holding.

The GIS GP hoist possesses both upper and lower limiting switches which are of the geared variety. These are easy to set for excellent precision. It is possible to add two extra emergency stop contacts if required. 

GIS GP Electric Hoist Configuration Options

The GIS GP hoisting equipment range can be supplied in various configurations. Single phase for single speed or three phase for dual speed lifting are some of your options. The lifting capacities available are 250kg and 500kg, however the 250 kg and the 500 kg models come in a single OR double fall; the double fall essentially doubles the lifting capacity. Thus the GP250/1 can lift 250kg; the GP250/2 can lift 500kg; the GP500/1 can lift 500kg and the GP500/2 can lift 1000kg, giving you a good range of options. 

Get More Information About Our Hoisting Equipment 

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