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Buy the Trusted Sthal Electric Chain Hoist Online from Leading UK Supplier

The Stahl name is associated with high quality electric hoisting systems and Lifting Gear Direct can supply any Stahl electric hoist at highly competitive prices, we can also carry out thorough inspections and repairs.   The Stahl ST electric chain hoist is configurable to suit your requirements thanks to its modular design. Starting at a little over £1000 for the standard model you can choose your capacity, speed, the height of lift, and suspension type with other options available on request. Buy today online.

Stahl ST Electric Hoist Stahl ST Electric Hoist

Stahl ST Electric Hoist


 The ST hoisting system can be configured for use in wind turbines, have AT..

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Stahl Electric Hoist Range Overview

The Stahl electric hoist range is based around the ST model which is built from modular components meaning that there are a range of configurations to which the Stahl ST can be built. Big bag lifting, low headroom, or dual hoisting arrangements can all be easily accommodated.

The range of mounting systems is the widest of any other electric hoist whilst the hoist can be arranged to accommodate non-standard lifting applications. There are a range of lifting capacities available up to 6300kg which should suffice for most everyday lifting needs.

Stahl ST Electric Chain Hoist Specifications

There are many benefits to Stahl’s flagship electric chain hoist, with its patented suspension system leading the list of perks. It provides excellent support for loads of all types and helps keep the chain stable. There are five different suspension setups available in this range, which gives buyers even more choice.

The chain itself is kept in good condition by the self-lubricating chain guide, so it will not suffer unnecessary wear and tear even during high duty cycles. Whether you pick the most compact 125kg capacity hoist or the most powerful 6300kg model, durability and build quality are second to none. All of the parts are produced in-house at the firm’s German factory, which is a good sign.

The modular design of this hoist we mentioned earlier is not just great for allowing unique configurations; it also makes the ST simple to maintain. If you need inspection or repairs for any type of lifting gear, including Stahl kit and models from manufacturers like Yale, we can meet your servicing needs.

ST Electric Hoist Mounting & Flexible Use Options

There are plenty of mounting options for this hoist. It is just as suitable for fixed position work as it is for use in combination with a trolley system. It is effective with both push travel trolleys and those that are powered by electric motors, so you are not limited in any way when you invest in this versatile hoist.

Thanks to its adaptability the ST range is not just commonly found in factories, workshops, and warehouse facilities, but also in other industries. It can be set up to help with the maintenance of wind turbines, for example. You can find specialist hoists for wind turbine work on Lifting Gear Direct, such as the Demag DC-Wind Electric Hoist. But if you want a model that is not tied to a single use, Stahl is the manufacturer to choose.

Get to Know the Stahl Electric Chain Hoist Range

Take a look at the Stahl electric hoist range or our full range of hoisting products and get in touch with our sales team if you have any enquiries. Call Lifting Gear Direct on 01384 76961 if you want to speak to our expert staff about any of the lifting products or services we offer. In addition to selling hoists, we provide inspections, maintenance, and repairs for any make or model.

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