Gis gpm electric chain hoist

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GIS GPM Electric Chain Hoist

GIS GPM Electric Chain Hoist

Buy the GIS GPM electric chain hoist from Lifting Gear Direct to get the best prices and back up services around.
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The GPM electric hoist is a new, light but powerful hoist offered by GIS. This is a high quality electric chain hoist from a name you can trust.

The new profile chain carries heavier loads with a lower wear rate, it is grade 8 and phosphate coated and is 7% smaller in diameter than round steel chain. Because of the smaller chain the drive mechanism can be reduced in size too, this in turn makes the hoist even lighter at just 14kg.

Available in 125 & 250 kg capacities this compact hoist is quick and easy to use with easy maintenance.

Key Features of the GIS GPM Electric Hoist


  •         aluminium housing
  •          2 lifting speeds
  •          easy opening eye on top of top hook available
  •          quiet operation
  •          5 pocket chain wheel
  •          slip clutch
  •          DC spring brake
  •          3metres height of lift as standard
  •          long life even with heavy use.
  •          8:1 safety factor
  •          IP65 protection
  •          3 phase, low voltage controls with geared limit switches as standard
  •          single phase models are direct control - without  controllers or limit switches 


The GIS GPM electric hoist is a simple lifting device and uses no sensitive electronics. Maintenance is simple with no special tool needed. All connections within the hoists housing are polygonal. This enables much quicker access and disassembly during maintenance procedures. There is a dry running slip clutch as standard which is located outside the drive train for convenience.

The controller is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm comfortably and has parallel switches for easier use. The GPM hoist has a permanently lubricated gearbox to provide excellent longevity and smooth running. The geared limiters have high positioning accuracy. Operation is quiet thanks to the 3 step drive with helical gears.

The loading hooks are of the swivel variety for easier load attachment and handling.

 Also available is the versatile chain handy (as shown in picture library) enabling easy product positioning through two speed toggle switch & flexible hand guide control. It can be used for both left & right hand operation.  

Standard GPM Hoist Features

Eye suspension comes as standard though you can specify a hook suspension if required. The control voltage is a low 42V with a single phase motor with 1 speed or a 3 phase motor with dual speeds. The standard height of lift is 3 metres. The controller pendant includes a 1.8m control cable as standard.

Optional extras 

  • Direct control
  • Different voltages
  • Chain handy tool – for single handed operation
  • Hook suspension
  • Locking load hook
  • Geared limit switch with 2 extra emergency stops
  • Parallel switching of several chain hoists
  • Operational hours counter
  • Brake with manual release
  • Push trolleys
  • Lifting slings
  • Chain containers 

Contacting LGD

Lifting Gear Direct can supply all you need in an electric hoist, call us today if need more information. Remember we also carry out services and inspections on all hoisting devices.

GIS GPM electric chain hoist dimensions

GPM 400v, 3PH, 50Hz

Type Lifting capacity (KG) Lifting speed (m/min) FEM/ISO Group Power (kW)
GPM 250/1NF 125 8/2 4m/M7 0.37/0.1
GPM 250/1SF 125 16/4 2m/M5 0.37/0.1
GPM 250/1NF 160 8/2 4m/M7 0.37/0.1
GPM 250/1NF 200 8/2 3m/M6 0.37/0.1
GPM 250/1NF  250 8/2 2m/M5 0.37/0.1

GPM 220v, 1PH, 50Hz

Type Lifting capacity (KG) Lifting speed (m/min) FEM/ISO Group Power (kW)
GPM 250/1NL 1Ph 250 4 2m/M5 0.25