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L4 atex pull winch

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L4 Atex Lever Hoist

L4 Atex Lever Hoist

Here is the ratchet lever hoist with an ATEX rating for use in hazardous areas. It complies with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
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About the Hacketts ATEX Pull Winch

The ATEX ratchet lever hoist has anti-spark properties to enable it to be used in areas where there may be the risk of explosions.

Many parts are copper plated to help to eliminate the spark risk; both the anchor hook and the bottom hook are copper plated as well as load chain guides, grip rings and chain stripper. This particular hoist comes with a zinc plated load chain (EN-818-7) as standard but a stainless steel, grade 6 chain can be added instead, at extra cost if this would suit your needs better.

The hoist incorporates specific internal parts with added corrosion protection and twin pawls for double the safety. The housing has been finished in an epoxy powder coating.

The Hacketts ATEX ratchet lever hoist is available in three models with working load limits of – 0.8; 1.6 or 3.2 tonnes. 1.5 meter lifting height is the standard; let us know if you need a different height of lift at the time of ordering.

Other ATEX Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment with an ATEX rating is a relatively small field at present, although it is growing all the time due to the increasing need to lift loads in areas where explosions could potentially occur. We also have a range of spark resistant lifting equipment including chain blocks & trolley systems.

If an atex rating is not required you may be better with one of our other lever hoists, most of which have higher lifting capacities. Loose tackle and slinging equipment is also readily available to order so you can purchase your complete kit in one purchase, from one supplier.

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WLL (tonnes)No. Falls of ChainLoad Chain(mm)Standard lift (m)a (mm)b (mm)c (mm)d (mm)e (mm)h (mm)Mass (kg)Extra Weight per m (kg)
0.815.6 x 171.514812140265282806.20.7
1.617.1 x 211.516514147415333509.61.1
3.2110 x 301.5194.517862.541542.542015.51.7