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Hacketts Pull Winch

Hacketts Lever Hoists For Sale at Lifting Gear Direct

The range of ratchet lever hoists we stock from William Hacketts is varied with a heavy duty model, a sub-sea model, and the latest ATEX rated model. We can now also supply a rail industry approved pull winch for railway tasks. Browse the models below for all the specifications you will need. You may also like to compare with other lever hoist models from other manufacturers to ensure your choice is the best one for you.

Hacketts L4 Heavy Duty Pull Winch Hacketts L4 Heavy Duty Pull Winch

Hacketts L4 Heavy Duty Pull Winch


About the Hacketts Heavy Duty L4 Pull Winch The design and specifications of th..

L4 Compact Lever Hoist


Size of the L4 Compact Lever Hoist The L4 compact lever hoist by William Hack..

L4 Atex Lever Hoist


About the Hacketts ATEX Pull Winch The ATEX ratchet lever hoist has anti-spark ..

Subsea Lever Hoist Hacketts SS L5


About the SS L5 Subsea Lever Hoist The SS L5 subsea ratchet lever hoist surpass..

Rail Approved Lever Hoist


 About the Overhead Line & Rail Industry Lever Hoist  This ratche..

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About Hacketts Pull Winch

Hacketts lever hoists are from a trusted UK manufacturer - William Hackett. With well over 100 years of experience in the industry, you can be assured of great products from the Hacketts range of ratchet lever hoists. Lifting Gear Direct can supply William Hacketts products at great prices including the heavy duty chain block.

Hacketts Lever Hoist Models Available

The Hacketts L4 Heavy Duty Lever Hoist exceeds all British & EU Standards as well as the USA, Aus & S. African standards; this means you can be confident of a high quality lever hoist. The range of lifting capacities varies between the models and goes up to the maximum 20 tonne (with 8 falls of chain). The maximum capacity on a single fall of the chain is 3.2 tonne and 6.3 tonne on a double fall. 3 & 6 falls of chain models are also available. Overload indicators, end stops, twin pawls and safety catches on hooks are just some of this ratchet lever hoist’s features. See the main L4 lever hoist page for all the details.

The Hacketts L4 lever hoist is now available in an Atex rated version. This means that it can be used in hazardous areas where sparks are deemed hazardous. This hoist has copper parts to prevent sparking.

The final Ratchet lever hoist on offer from Hacketts is the new, innovative Hacketts SS L5 Subsea lever hoist. Designed for use topside and in subsea scenarios and is becoming popular in the marine and sea faring industries. Subjected to many tests to ensure its durability this lever hoist can be used for 21 days continually immersed in salt water without any issues, and for 31 days for multiple immersions.

The subsea lever hoist comes with 7 different capacity models; these range from 0.8 tonne up to 20 tonne.

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Lifting Gear Direct are proud to offer many other top brand names alongside Hacketts products. We offer a vast range of lifting equipment from simple lifting shackles and eye bolts to hoisting systems and cranes. In fact, we have the experience, means, and capacity to look after virtually all your lifting requirements, so think of us as your one stop shop.

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