L4 compact lever hoist

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L4 Compact Lever Hoist

L4 Compact Lever Hoist

Small enough to fit in your tool box, this little lever hoist has 2 models with 250kg and 500kg lifting and pulling capabilities. Made in the UK.

  • Brand:: William Hackett
  • Product Code: L4 Compact Lever Hoist
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Size of the L4 Compact Lever Hoist

The L4 compact lever hoist by William Hackett is exactly as its name suggests, a compact ratchet lever hoist. It encompasses all the technical safety details of its older brother, the L4 heavy duty pull winch that can handle up to 9 tonnes, but on a much smaller scale and a top SWL of 500kg. Here is a table showing the size and weight differences between the two smallest lever hoists in each range so you can get an idea of the size difference.

smallest model in each range L4 COMPACT L4 HEAVY DUTY
Width (exc. Lever handle) 68mm 121mm
Lever length 150mm 265mm
Depth 90mm 148mm
Length (inside hook bowls) 200mm 280mm
Weight 1.6kg 6.2kg

As you can see there is a marked difference and the compact version can be transported much easier, in fact it is supplied complete with a carry pouch which can be fitted onto your waist belt making it perfect for site visits.

Key Elements of the L4 Compact Ratchet Lever Hoist

Besides its small design the L4 compact has the ability to lift or pull in virtually any orientation, so positioning loads is pretty easy. What's more, only minimal effort is required to crank the handle in order to advance or withdraw the chain and in turn, the load.

Safety wise the Compact L4 pull winch has been thoroughly tested with proof tests to 1.5 times the safe working load limit and a safety factor of 4:1. It has been tested and has been certified to 2% of the rated capacity for light load capacities.

The L4 compact pull winch incorporates safety latches on both the top and the bottom hook, these are made from cast heavy duty steel. An added safety feature is that the latch and hook tip are unified together to form a robust and safe closure.

Forged into the hook design you will find over load indicator marks at both sides of the hooks throat.

There is an ergonomic end stop on the international standard load chain (BS EN818-7). This enables the used to get a good grip whilst adjusting the chain.

This ratchet lever hoist can be utilized in temperature ranges from -20 to +120 degrees C.

Other Compact Lifting Hoists

There are a number of other compact hoists on the market including both manual and powered varieties. In the manual category you will find the Yale Handy lever hoist and the UT utility hoist. The Kito CX block and tackle and the Yale360 mini chain block offer a different kind of manual compact lifting devices.

As for powered hoists there is the Yale CPS electric hoist or the JDN mini air hoist. So if you need a compact lifting hoist that can handle moderate loads then Lifting Gear Direct will surely have exactly what you need. Give us a call if you require any advice.

No. of
Load Chain
Lift M
0.25 1 3.2 x 9 1.5 90 68 200 150 56 35.5 20 32 11 1.6
0.5 1 4.3 x 12 1.5 98 81 250 172 62 42 21 34.5 12.5 2.6
l4 compact dimensions