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Kito Pull Winch

Buy a Lever Hoist by Kito from Trusted UK Supplier

There are 2 models in the Kito pull winch collection available at Lifting Gear Direct, the LB and the LX. The LX lever hoist is a popular choice due to its extremely compact nature and can cope with loads up to 500 kg. The LB lever hoist on the other hand handles loads up to 9000 kg so is a more heavy duty chain winch. 

Kito LX Pull Winch


About the Kito LX Pull Winch The LX lever hoist is great for more delicate posi..

Kito LB Pull Winch


  Model variants of the Kito LB Pull Winch Made in Japan by Kito to h..

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About Kito Pull Winch

Kito lever hoists are used all over the world with its biggest markets being in Japan, its hometown and in the US. This Japanese brand has been steadily growing since the 1930s with its design development, part production, assembly and testing all done in-house. Kito manufacture high quality hoisting equipment including lever hoists, electric hoists and chain blocks all of which can be relied upon. It’s now becoming more widely used and recognised in the UK and can be purchased at great prices via Lifting Gear Direct.

Kito Ratchet Lever Hoists

The smallest Kito lever hoist is the lightweight aluminium Kito LX Lever Hoist which can handle loads up to 500kg. Its compact nature makes it ideal for your work vehicle or tool box.

The largest lever hoist in the range is the Kito LB lever hoist which can handle loads up to 9000kg with many capacity increments to choose from as well as a range of design features, you can find out all the details on the pages below.

It is often the case that additional equipment will be needed to work together with your lever hoist in order to complete your lifting task; Lifting slings and shackles are commonly used lifting gear to aid a lifting process. Lifting Gear Direct can supply any Kito lever hoist together with a vast range of other lifting equipment so you can purchase all your lifting supplies from one place at low prices.

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