Kito lb pull winch

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Kito LB Pull Winch

Kito LB Pull Winch

This high performance ratchet lever hoist from Kito can handle the majority of lifting, pulling and tensioning applications in the most challenging environments, and works well in confined spaces.
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  Model variants of the Kito LB Pull Winch

Made in Japan by Kito to high specifications this award winner is available in three variations; the standard LB ratchet lever hoist incorporates a free wheel chaining mechanism to allow easy load attachment due to the chain being able to pass quickly through the housing and gears unhindered.

The second model is the LB-OF lever hoist which has NOT got the free chaining device, this can enhance the safety of the hoist with no chance of accidentally engaging the freewheeling mode. This is invaluable in applications where dynamic forces may occur. The LB-OF is commonly used in aircraft production and overhead line construction.

The third variation of the Kito LB is the LB-OLL model; this has an overload limiter in the form of a slip clutch as well as the free chaining mode.

About the Kito LB Ratchet Lever Hoist

All variants of this lever hoist are available in a good range of lifting capacity options, ranging from 800kg to 9000kg. The number of chain falls will increase as the capacity increases; you can see the exact specifications in the table below.

This hoist has been reduced in size and weight due to a patented, induction hardening process on all load bearing components, this also brings the added bonus of increasing the overall strength of the hoist and its portability. Double reduction gearing is another benefit to this lever hoist and helps to reduce the effort needed to crank the handle.

The housing of this hoist is made from high quality steel and the hooks are from forged carbon steel. The load chain is from abrasion resistant, nickel plated steel to ensure the toughest demands are met.

The free chaining function on the LB standard and the LB-OLL models is different to a standard lever hoist, it is not just simply a lever which can be caught inadvertently and cause a load to fall. On the Kito Lever Hoists the central knob has to be pulled out to activate the free chaining mode; the three models have different coloured knobs for easy identification, the LB standard has a yellow knob; the LB-OF has a blue knob to show it has NO free chaining mode; and the LB-OLL has a black knob to show it has free chaining and an overload limiting slip clutch.

Overall this lever hoist from Japanese manufacturer Kito is easy to operate with minimal effort; movement is smooth and there is a robust load brake to hold the load as required. Its maintenance friendly design enables easy cleaning and inspections. The hoist comes with top and bottom hooks with safety latches with a safety tip. The carbon steel hook is riveted on fourfold; it will not fracture under excess load. 

The Kito LB Lever Hoist Options


The Kito LB is available with SWL up to 9 tonnes and there are 3 variations.

  • LB Standard – with free chaining

  • LB-OF without freewheel chain adjusting mechanism.

  • LB-OLL with optional slip clutch.


Optional extras include:

·         A special Kito clip to be used with the LB as to add traction for use with wire rope, for example, when pulling cargo; this can’t be used for slinging applications.

·         A shipyard hook  with safety latch for specific lifting operations such as in the ship building and sheet metal industries.

·         A chain locking mechanism to further enhance safety – it has a guard to protect the chain pin & nut from damage

·         A Kito load signal device. This lets the user know if the load is too heavy by showing a red light, showing green when the load is within limits.


Contacting LGD to order

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TypeCapacity (KG)Chain pull to lift full load (daN)Load chain diam (mm)Weight (KG)Headroom (mm)Chainfall
LB008 80028.45.6x15.75.72801