Rail approved lever hoist

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Rail Approved Lever Hoist

Rail Approved Lever Hoist

This ratchet lever hoist has been produced to comply with British standards (BS EN13157 + A1:2009) and also the Network Rail Certificate of acceptance (PA05/06687). This enables this special version of the SS L5 lever hoist to be used and is approved for overhead line work by Network rail; it has also been designed to be used with the Ironman rail handling system. The Ironman model is painted yellow and is rated to 1.5 tonne in accordance to RIS-1701-PLT.

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 About the Overhead Line & Rail Industry Lever Hoist 

This ratchet lever hoist has a range of lifting capacities ranging from 800kg up to 10 tonnes, with the designated RL5 Ironman 1.5 tonne capacity serving a dual role. 

The RL5 Ironman with a 1.5 t capacity can have a clevis shackle or omega link fitted, this removes the need for the connecting link between the clamp and hoist as is standard on most hoists. This set up is certified as a single item and so can be cost saving when it needs to be replaced and also less time for inspections and certification documents. 

Incorporating sintered friction brakes with a zinc flake coating and run-off grooves for dirt and water displacement ensures the brake stays the cleanest and driest possible to keep all functionality even in wet conditions. 

The rail industry lever hoist incorporated twin pawls of differing lengths to ensure one is engaged at all times. These are secured with stainless steel nuts and bolts. A dual anti-lock brake is also included as standard to stop accidental freewheel engagement. Travelling end stops may be put next to the main body to prevent slippage and chain run off. 

As with the SS L5 subsea lever hoist on which this is based it has great corrosion protection, using waterproof marine strength grease throughout. Stainless steel components and zinc coatings ensure high protection in harsh environments. 

Useable in a wide variation of temperatures – from -40 to +55 degrees C. More specifications can be found in the table below. 

Other Lifting Equipment 

We have a vast range of other types of lifting equipment to compliment our range of hoists, we also manufacture our own Jib crane and mobile gantry crane systems to your specifications should you need a fixing point for your hoist. 

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WLL (tonnes)No. Of FallsLoad Chain (mm)Standard Lift (M)a mmb mmc mmd mme mmh mmMass (Kg)Extra Weight per M (Kg)
0.815.6 x 15.71.514611942245272806.90.7
1.517.1 x 19.91.516412654.2265363358.51.1
1.617.1 x 19.91.516412654.52653633591.1
3.2110 x 281.519615960.541542335172.2
6.3210 x 281.519621885.541553540334.4
10310 x 281.5196298-41559680506.6
rail lever hoist dimensions