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Raptor LW Lever Hoist - Medium Duty

Raptor LW Lever Hoist - Medium Duty

For a good quality medium duty ratchet lever hoist, try the Raptor LW range now available from Lifting Gear Direct.

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About the Raptor LW Lever Hoist

The LW medium duty lever hoist is great for lifting, tensioning and pulling applications which needs to be used more than a light duty model but less than a heavy duty model.

This mid duty lever hoist comes in a good range of safe working load versions with the largest having a maximum SWL of 6 tonnes.

It can be fitted to many types of suitable anchor points or suspended from a clamp or trolley. It will remain safely in position until its removed thanks to the suspension hook having a safety catch. The load hook also incorporates a safety latch to ensure the load stays put.

High quality steel is used for the lever, cover and frame and the hooks are produced from forged steel; together with the heat treated gears you are assured of a product fit for purpose.

These portable lifting hoists are easy to use and simple to maintain; they will keep going for a long time if regularly maintained and inspected.

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