Raptor mini lever hoist

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Raptor Mini Lever Hoist - Light Duty

Raptor Mini Lever Hoist - Light Duty

The mini lever hoist from Raptor is for light duty applications and is now available to purchase from Lifting Gear Direct.

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About the Raptor Mini Lever Hoist

If you need a compact, manual hoisting device then take a look at this Raptor mini lever hoist. Its compact nature enables easy transportation. They are pretty lightweight too with the smallest of the two models weighing in at just 1.8kg whilst still being able to lift loads of up to 250kg. The larger model weighs 4kg but can lift up to 500kg in weight.

Both incorporate drop forged safety hooks at the top and bottom. The top one for secure anchoring and the bottom one for attaching the load securely. The sprung safety latch will prevent any fitted equipment from becoming disengaged.

Safe performance is ensured with the quality load chain and high quality components.

These lever hoists are really easy to use by simply cranking the ratcheting lever. It also incorporates a direction lever to allow you to raise the load as well as lower it. The hoist comes with a 1.5 meter height of lift as standard.

Other Ratchet Lever Hoists

We have an excellent range of ratchet lever hoists and pull winches here at Lifting Gear Direct including our own brand LGD model for the cheapest option. Other lever hoists include models from Yale, GT and Tiger and we have pull winches from Hacketts, Kito and Tractel. There are some models for special applications such as ATEX rated lever hoists and sub-sea lever hoists, there are also small handy options as well as heavy duty models. Browse the full range to ensure you are getting the best device for your needs.

Advice and ordering

If you would like some advice to help you decide on the best model for you then just give us a call on 01384 76961. Orders can be placed securely on the website or over the phone, the choice is yours. Don't forget to add your other required equipment to your order should you need it. Remember we can supply lifting slings, shackles, trolleys and even cranes, all to suit your requirements.


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