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Tractel bravo ac aluminium pull winch

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Tractel Bravo AC Aluminium Pull Winch

Tractel Bravo AC Aluminium Pull Winch

This version of the Tractel Bravo ratchet lever hoist is a new design and incorporates an aluminium enclosure. Buy the Tractel Bravo AC aluminium pull winch today.
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About the Tractel Bravo AC Aluminium Pull Winch

Due to the fact that the main body of this lever hoist is made from aluminium it is extremely light in weight which makes it much easier to handle and move around the workplace. There are 2 models in the AC aluminium series, the 250 kg and the 500 kg which weigh in at 2.3 kg and 3.3 kg respectively (with the standard 1.5 meter height of lift).

This ratchet lever hoist is perfect for lifting lighter loads as well as pulling and tensioning tasks around the work place. They are ideal for use in workshops, garages, factories and on site applications.

This compact yet robust lever hoist comes with a 1.5 metre galvanized load chain as standard but other lengths can be accommodated. Attaching loads is made easier thanks to the free chaining mechanism; this allows you to pull the chain through the body in either direction. It can only be used when unloaded.

The Bravo AC Aluminium lever hoist incorporates a double disc brake system complete with a chain guide for smooth operation.

Both swivel hooks come complete with safety latches to ensure the hoist remains anchored securely and the load stays attached until manually removed.

For added convenience the AC ratchet lever hoist will be supplied complete with its own carry bag which can be attached to a tool belt as well as being useable for storage. This goes to show just how compact and easy to transport the hoist really is.

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WLL (kg)Height of LiftLeverage at Full Load (N)Weight with Chain (kg)Load Chain (mm)Extra chain weight (kg)
2501.51702.34 x 120.35
5001.51903.25 x 150.56
3 metres also available