Securpulley gin wheel straight swivel arms

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Securpulley Gin Wheel Straight & Swivel Arms

Securpulley Gin Wheel Straight & Swivel Arms

The securpulley gin wheel can be further enhanced with the use of one of the special arms available. This can be a fixed straight arm or a swivel arm.

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Securpulley Swivel Arm

This is great for use on scaffolding in any location. The swivel arm simply clamps to a scaffold pole wherever you require it. The Securpulley gin wheel is then fitted to the arm. This set up enables easy and more precise work positioning. It can be locked into 3 positions around the pole at 120 degree intervals. The swivelling arm has a support load of 9.8lbs with a max. Working load of 110lb.

Securpulley Straight Arm

The straight arm is rigid and is easy to connect to a scaffold pole with its special connection clamp. This clamp is made from hot printing & zincated steel for maximum safety.

Operating the Securpulley

Two people are needed to operate the securpulley safely; one at ground level and one at the working level.  Safety gloves should always be worn. The counterweight (8) can be changed to adapt the sheave configuration to various heights. This enables the braking action to be set to the quickest possible braking condition. For more information on how to operate the securpulley see here.

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