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Imer Scaffold Hoist Accessories

Buy Imer Accessories to enhance your Scaffold Hoist

Due to the fact that Scaffold hoists, scaffold winches and builders hoists are most commonly used around construction sites, there have been a wide range of accessories developed to enable the easier handling of certain materials.  Lifting Gear Direct can supply many Imer hoist accessories to enhance your Imer scaffold hoist. Our range includes wheelbarrow chains, mortar buckets, and bucket carriers, and more.

WheelBarrow Sling WheelBarrow Sling

WheelBarrow Sling


About Wheelbarrow Slings If you have a builders hoisting system such ..

Securpulley Gin Wheel Straight & Swivel Arms


Securpulley Swivel Arm This is great for use on scaffolding in any location. Th..

Liftable Wheelbarrow


 Whilst these work great there can be issues; for example a standard wheelb..

IMER Tipping Bucket


About the Imer Tipping Bucket The Imer tipping bucket range has three sizes ava..

IMER Builders Hoist Trolley


Imer Scaffold Hoist Trolley Used on many construction projects together with a ..

IMER External Prop


Ideal for installing hoists outside without over hanging support points. Ballas..

IMER Internal Adjustable Hoist Prop


About the Imer Internal Adjustable Hoist Prop This prop is generally for use in..

Brick Basket


About the Brick Basket This brick basket measures 600L x 600W x 220H mm and wei..

IMER Scaffold Clamps


Imer Scaffold Clamps for Scaffold Hoist fitting.  This set of scaffold cla..

Bucket Carriers for Hoists


Why use Bucket Carriers? Bucket carriers can be a very useful accessory on a co..

IMER Swivel Extensions


 Imer Swivel Extensions for Scaffold Hoists.  If your scaffold hoist ..

IMER Gantry Frame


About the Imer Gantry Frame  If you need to use a hoist on a roof top or f..

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Imer Scaffold Hoist Accessories

Most types of construction work will require materials to be taken up to a height where they are needed and normally use some type of scaffolding system. Individuals alone take risks just by climbing up the scaffold tower to where they need to work, if they need to carry up materials and tools as well then the risk of accidents significantly increases; this is where the use of a scaffold hoist or gantry hoist comes into play, positioned where ever you need it, the hoist will take up all your tools and materials at the touch of a button, this is not only much quicker but more importantly much safer.

Lifting Gear Direct can supply all the top accessories from manufacturers such as Imer and L'europea-T.E.A so you can be assured of the highest quality equipment at great prices, synonymous with Lifting Gear Direct.

Scaffold Hoist Accessories Available

A builder’s scaffold hoist will benefit the construction worker even more if they use the best possible accessory for the materials they wish to lift.  Wheelbarrow chains which are designed to lift the whole wheelbarrow and its contents to where they are required are a very useful tool to a builder.

The wheelbarrow can be loaded with tools or materials such as sand and cement and lifted quickly and safely up to the required level. The wheelbarrow can then be wheeled around that particular level of scaffolding as necessary. Without a scaffold hoist and a set of special chains, it would be extremely difficult to haul a large and heavy wheelbarrow up a scaffold tower.

Other accessories available include skip chains, for lifting up small skips; mortar buckets and carriers, for lifting mortar to where needed, and also rubbish chutes for allowing any rubbish produced at high levels to be safely sent to ground level, and many more. We also supply a range of props to enable the use of the hoist in areas such as window recesses. There are hoist trolleys for easier manoeuvring of the hoist and we even have special swivelling scaffold extension frames.

For the gantry hoist we can supply the special gantry frames and ballast boxes, these are ideal when scaffolding is not present.

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