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Liftable wheelbarrow

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Liftable Wheelbarrow

Liftable Wheelbarrow

For a long time now, if you wanted to lift a loaded wheelbarrow to a higher level on a building/structure you would have probably used a standard wheelbarrow and a wheelbarrow lifting sling.

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 Whilst these work great there can be issues; for example a standard wheelbarrow may not be as robust as you would like and don’t last as long. Now there is the completely Liftable wheelbarrow which is as robust as they come and suitable for construction work, agricultural tasks DIY, gardening and much more.

About the Liftable Wheelbarrow

This wheelbarrow is great for use around any construction site, it will be able to withstand the rigorous workload with the added benefit of being able to be lifted with its built in system – no more lifting chains.

The tray of the barrow is made from a special polymer in a ribbed design to create great strength and supreme durability. In fact this wheelbarrow has undergone rigorous testing including 4 tonne crush tests and a wheel drop test (without tyre) the results are amazing. The tray will bend under extreme loading but will not break thanks to the flexibility of the injected polypropylene. The wheel was dropped from 5 meters with a 25kg weight, there was no damage present; a pneumatic tyre was added to sustain the rugged nature of a construction site.

The tray and the wheel are fitted to a heavy gauge plated framework which completes the robust make up of this Liftable wheelbarrow. The frame incorporates a specially designed, hinged handle which flattens out for use in a normal position BUT it can be pivoted into an upright position and locked into place with the locking clips. The handles incorporate a brace spanning the 2 handles, this is where the attachment point is located for fitting to a hoist, this is usually a scaffold hoist for lifting up the outside of a building.

There is a further benefit to these Liftable wheelbarrows and that is that they can withstand temperature extremes; down to minus 50 degrees and up to = 60 degrees C. They are also recyclable so you can do your bit for the environment too.

When using the barrow to lift materials, ensure it is not over filled and the contents are kept as lever as possible in order to  maintain good stability and prevent losing some of the load, which could be hazardous to people walking by underneath.

Other Information

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