Wheelbarrow sling

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WheelBarrow Sling

WheelBarrow Sling

When a wheelbarrow is used to transport materials around the construction site it is usually only at ground level, although you could possibly haul an empty wheelbarrow to a higher floor. This would be an arduous task and probably not safe.
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About Wheelbarrow Slings

If you have a builders hoisting system such as a scaffold hoist or gantry hoist available on your building site one of our wheelbarrow slings could be of huge benefit. You would be able to safely lift the wheelbarrow to wherever it may be required regardless of whether it is empty or full of materials.

Our wheelbarrow lifting sling is made from quality steel chain and has three legs connected by a master link. The master link is used to attach the chain sling to the scaffold hoist or other hoisting system. At the other end, two legs have a connector ring which slide onto the handles of the wheelbarrow; the third leg has a spiral type link which is twisted round the front wheel frame to secure it. When the chain sling is lifted by the hoist, the forces applied will ensure the chain stays in position until it is lowered again.

The wheelbarrow chain sling can handle loads up to 500 kg and are supplied with a test certificate for peace of mind.

Looking After Your Wheelbarrow Chains

Wheelbarrow chains require little maintenance other than maybe keeping them clean. The cleaner and dryer they are kept, the longer they will last. Chain slings, as with all other types of lifting equipment need to be frequently checked over for any defaults that could affect them in use. With these slings look out for dented or distorted areas as well as cracked or twisted links. All it takes is one link to fail and the load could potentially fall. Get your chains thoroughly tested by a qualified person to comply with the necessary regulations, Lifting Gear Direct has qualified engineers who can do this for you and supply up to date certification.

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