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TEA Scaffold Hoist Accessories

Scaffold hoists are an extremely useful piece of kit to builders and construction workers though it is sometimes necessary to adopt the use of hoisting accessories in order that they maximise their use on site. Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range of TEA scaffold hoist accessories to compliment the TEA scaffold hoist range. Imer branded accessories are also available.

TEA Scaffold Hoist Prop TEA Scaffold Hoist Prop

TEA Scaffold Hoist Prop


About the TEA Scaffold Hoist PropThe prop can be securely clamped to a vertical ..

Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle


Gantry Frame / Builders Hoist Trestle This particular gantry frame or tres..

Ballast Boxes


Ballast can be any material and is used to provide stability, usually to a vehic..

Hoist Buckets


Hoist Bucket This particular hoist bucket comes in two different sizes to suit ..

WheelBarrow Sling WheelBarrow Sling

WheelBarrow Sling


About Wheelbarrow Slings If you have a builders hoisting system such ..

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TEA Scaffold Hoist Accessories Available

Within the range of TEA accessories, there is a scaffold prop.  This clamps securely onto any standard scaffold pole. This prop enables easier attachment and positioning of the scaffold hoist itself onto a scaffold tower.

We also have some tipping buckets in a range of capacities which are invaluable when transporting materials to different heights on a build. Wet materials can easily be emptied out where they are needed by using the tipping action of the bucket.

If you regularly use a wheelbarrow for transporting materials then you may benefit from one of our wheelbarrow chains; these are easy to fit and enable the whole wheelbarrow along with its contents to be lifted to the height where it is required.

In this category, you will also find a gantry frame and ballast boxes. The gantry frame is used to attach a builder's gantry hoist so it can be hung over the side of a building. The ballast boxes, once filled, provide the counter balance needed to ensure the frame and hoist does not tip over the edge.

Other Equipment you may need

Check out our range of IMER equipment which includes scaffold and builders hoists along with many more accessories. Lifting Gear Direct can also supply many other types of lifting equipment which may compliment your scaffold hoist and accessories. Lifting slings are one of our specialties, so whether you need web slings or chain slings we can make them up to your specifications.

If you need some form of connection between slings and hoists then browse our range of lifting shackles, there are many to choose from.

Contacting Lifting Gear Direct

If you would like any help with your choice of scaffold hoist or accessory then please give us a call on 01384 76961. Alternatively, you can buy it now or request a quote using the contact forms.

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