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Imer tipping bucket

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IMER Tipping Bucket

IMER Tipping Bucket

This bucket is perfect for use on construction sites where materials need to be tipped straight out in a specific location. For example mortar.
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About the Imer Tipping Bucket

The Imer tipping bucket range has three sizes available, the smallest can hold up to 45 litres, the mid range model can hold up to 90 litres and the largest model can hold up to 120 litres. Which size you choose will depend on what materials you need to lift and the amount you wish to lift each time.

The bucket itself is a wedge shape with a sloping front to enable smooth emptying. The handle incorporates a central fixed hook for easy attachment to a scaffold or gantry hoist. A handle bracket is located at either side of the handle where it meets the bucket which locks the handle into place to prevent unwanted tipping whilst in transit.

To tip the bucket to empty its contents you simply disengage the brackets, then the bucket can be tipped smoothly thanks to the tilting handle.

Other Builders Hoist Accessories

We have an excellent range of scaffold hoist accessories to choose from which includes bucket carriers which are great if you regularly use the round plastic type buckets around the site. We also supply many types of loose lifting gear such as shackles and lifting slings to compliment your hoisting arrangement. Different types of hoists are also readily available which could be great for your operation including manual chain hoists and lever hoists.

Enquiring with LGD

If you wish to place an order or just need advice on which would be the best equipment for your task then give our knowledgeable team a call on 01384 76961, we have been working with lifting gear for many years so we can usually help. Emailing us is easy to via the contact page.

Imer Tipping Bucket
Model - Litre  45/90/120
Max capacity  KG 150/200/300
Weight KG 12/15/19
Width mm 400/385/460
Length mm 450/660/780
Height mm  300/400/430