Imer swivel extensions

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IMER Swivel Extensions

IMER Swivel Extensions

There are two variants of these swivelling frame extensions which can help with the attachment and positioning of an Imer scaffold hoist. One is for prop scaffold attachment and the other is for scaffold clamp attachment
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 Imer Swivel Extensions for Scaffold Hoists. 

If your scaffold hoist is of the fixed bracket variety these extension frames can be very beneficial whether prop or clamp s are used. 

These frames can pivot or swivel around the pole to certain positions and can lock onto the chosen working position with the special locking lever. The frame also gives you extra reach when compared to a scaffold hoist attached directly to a pole. In fact with the pole swivel attachment an extra 360mm can be reached and the clamped frame and extra 223mm. 

The full lifting capacity of the hoist may need to be reduced when used with a swivelling scaffold hoist extension so always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions issued with your equipment. 

Additional Lifting Equipment 

We can supply a wide range of other lifting equipment to suit your lifting application whether it’s a different kind of hoist you need or some loose lifting tackle for load attachment. Repairs, servicing and thorough inspections can and should be carried out on all lifting gear to comply with regulations. 

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  F1 F2
Max capacity  KG 100 200
Weight KG 7 13
Width mm 120 90
Length mm 700 680
Height mm  445 275