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Brick Basket

Brick Basket

Do you want to transport multiple bricks in one go? If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place, our brick basket can carry many bricks and with the aid if a hoist they can be lifted up any building to the level where you need them.

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About the Brick Basket

This brick basket measures 600L x 600W x 220H mm and weight a total of 17kg when empty. Made from quality metal the frame is made up from welded, angled metal and the sides are filled in with steel wire mesh to prevent loosing the bricks when in motion. At the top of the basket there is a triangular bracket with a top recess for attaching the basket to a scaffold hoist’s lifting hook.

The brick basket can lift many bricks in one go and has a maximum lifting capacity of 250 kg though you need to be aware that this may need to be reduced depending on the safe working load of the hoist that you are using. You should also try to keep the basket as evenly loaded as possible to ensure good stability.

Other Lifting Equipment

Along with this brick basket we also supply many other scaffold hoist accessories to aid the lifting of materials around the construction site, from Liftable wheelbarrows to tipping buckets, 3-way lifting hooks and bucket carriers. We also supply a great range of scaffold hoists & gantry hoists with a range of accessories for different fitting options, such as various props.

Lifting Slings and shackles are also readily available should you need them along with a great range of lifting clamps for lifting specific objects found on building sites.

Getting in Touch

If you have any questions about the brick basket or any other lifting gear, need advice or simply want a quote then all you need to do is call 01384 76961 or fill out the contact us email form. Remember we also carry out thorough lifting equipment inspections as well as maintenance and repairs.