Yale yllhpg low headroom chain block with trolley

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Yale YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block with Trolley

Yale YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block with Trolley

Yale is a respected manufacturer of chain hoists and lifting equipment of all types. This manual chain hoist model is resilient, reliable and available in a number of different configurations.
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  • Product Code: Yale-YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block with Trolley
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It is part of a wider range of Yale chain blocks you can buy from Lifting Gear Direct. Like its stable mates, the YLLHP/G is built to a high standard and comes with plenty of perks, which are listed below to give you a rundown of its capabilities. 

Yale YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block Features

The YLLHP/G Low Headroom manual chain hoist has an integral trolley system.

  • Ultra low headroom for where space is tight. 
  • The YLLHP is the push travel trolley version. 
  • The YLLHG is the geared trolley version. 
  • Special chain reeving system & guide enable the bottom block to be pulled laterally almost up to the beam flange. 
  • Quick and easy trolley assembly. 
  • Anti tilt & drop devices. 
  • Machined steel wheels with encased, pre-lubricated ball bearings to provide smooth movements. 
  • Available in WLL from 500kg up to 10000kg. 
  • Various falls of chain and beam width sizes dependant on model.

Yale TLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Hoist Benefits

The obvious advantage of choosing this type of manual chain hoist over the other models in the Yale range is that it is supremely compact. Its design is tweaked for use in environments where headroom is limited and yet heavy duty lifting tasks still need to be completed quickly and efficiently. 

The addition of safety devices, which prevent large loads from tilting or dropping unexpectedly, will give you peace of mind. They will also help you to comply with regulations governing the use of lifting equipment. Whether you run a small workshop or a large factory, keeping on top of these requirements with safe, secure equipment like this is essential. 

Another thing to note about the YLLHP/G low headroom chain hoists from Yale is that they promise to provide a smooth, seamless lifting experience day after day. With the hazards of manual handling, it makes sense to get a helping hand from a sturdy bit of kit like this, especially as a trolley is included. 

Yale YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block Options

This specific model can be specified with a number of different safe working limits, stating at 500kg and going all the way up to 10 tonnes. This scalability and variety is typical of Yale, but if you need something different, remember to check out the other chain blocks we stock. This includes cutting edge models from GT, Gunnebo, Raptor, Kito and many more big name brands. 

Contact LGD with your manual chain block questions

With so many different models of Yale chain hoist available, it can be difficult to know which model is right for you. Contact the Lifting Gear Direct team by calling 01384 76961 or emailing us via our site. We will talk you through the products and services we offer, give you a quote and unpick any questions you might have.

Model YLLH 500 YLLH 1000 YLLH 2000 YLLH 3000 YLLH 5000 YLLH 10000
A min, mm 188 211 264 316 425 565
A1,mm 223 250 289 346 345 365
A2,mm 381 427 511 614 612 665
B,mm 17 22 30 38 45 68
C,mm 24 29 35 40 47 68
D,mm 14 19 22 30 37 50
F (geared trolley), mm 92 92 91 107 150 150
H1,mm 24 24 24 32 31 45
I (pushed trolley), mm 72 72 96 131 143 170
I (geared trolley), mm 77 77 98 133 149 170
L,mm 270 310 360 445 525 485
L1,mm 130 130 150 180 209 225
L2,mm 444 488 582 690 720 805
L3,mm 124 135 172 203 175 215
L4,mm 184 201 230 265 283 348
M,mm M18 M22 M27 M30 M42 M48
O,mm 60 60 80 112 125 150
P (geared trolley), mm 108 110 112 112 117 165
T (area A), mm 280 290 305 320 364 440
T (area B), mm 400 410 425 440 484 540

Yale YLLHP/G Low Headroom Chain Block with Trolley dimensions

ModelCapacity in kg/number of chain fallsSizeBeam flange width b (mm)Beam flange thickness t max (mm)Curve radius min (m)Weight at standard lift (3m)-P (KG)Weight at standard lift (3m)-G (KG)Weight at standard lift (3m) with locking device- P (KG)Weight at standard lift (3m) with locking device- G (KG)
YLLH 500500/1A60-180190.927313338
YLLH 500500/1B180-300190.927323438
YLLH 10001000/1A70-180190.935404348
YLLH 10001000/1B180-300190.936414449
YLLH 20002000/1A82-180191.1561656973
YLLH 20002000/1B180-300191.1562677075
YLLH 30003000/1A100-180191.5107112116121
YLLH 30003000/1B180-300191.4109114118123
YLLH 50005000/2A110-180282152157162167
YLLH 50005000/2B180-300281.8156161166171
YLLH 1000010000/3A125-180401.8On Request 230On Request On Request 
YLLH 1000010000/3B180-310401.8On Request 232On Request On Request 
P in connection with weight = with pushed trolley                        G in connection with weight = with geared trolley