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I Beam Long Reach Over Braced Wall Mounted Jib Crane

I Beam Long Reach Over Braced Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Do you need a wall mounted jib crane with a longer than average reach? If you do then you have come to the right place.
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  • Product Code: I Beam Long Reach Over Braced Wall Mounted Jib Crane
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I Beam Long Reach Over Braced Wall Mounted Jib Crane

These Demag wall mounted Swing jibs are over braced almost the entire length of the arm. Because of this it can lift heavy loads and move them further out. The long outreach extends to 8 metres for all models up to 1000kg, 6 metres for the 1600kg model and 5 metres for the largest capacity 2000kg model.

The boom on these long reach over braced wall mounted jib cranes has a maximum rotation of 270 degrees for one that is mounted to a column structure; this will change to about 180 degrees for a straight, flat wall mounted version. There are other over braced jib crane models available from Lifting Gear Direct.

The over braced long outreach jib crane also benefits from a low deadweight. This proves them easy to operate with ergonomic handling. Use the suggested Demag hoist and trolley system and you will benefit from a super smooth lifting and lowering function as well as easy traversing across the beam.

These ‘I’ Beam Jibs, as with all Demag Jib Cranes are classified to DIN15018 H1B3 for your peace of mind.

Other Jib Crane Equipment

As with all jib cranes and other types of gantry systems, additional lifting equipment will always be required. Beam attachments are necessary to attach and move your chosen hoisting device across the beam/jib arm. Then you will probably need a selection of lifting slings and loose tackle like shackles and swivel eye bolts.  Lifting Gear Direct can supply all you need to complete your lifting applications with ease.

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Load capacity Outreach
[kg]  [m]
  2 3 4 5 6 7 8
80 C C C C C C C
125 C C C C C C C
250 C C C C C C C
500 C C C C C C C
1000 C C C C C C  C
1600 C C C C C D D
2000 C C C C D D D