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Imer internal adjustable hoist prop

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IMER Internal Adjustable Hoist Prop

IMER Internal Adjustable Hoist Prop

This product is used for attaching scaffold hoists in certain areas where there is not a scaffold pole suitable available.
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About the Imer Internal Adjustable Hoist Prop

This prop is generally for use indoors where there is an upper support position available like a ceiling. The prop is used by positioning it on a solid floor which is able to take the weight and forces of the hoist and load being lifted. The prop is then adjusted until it pushes against an upper platform/ceiling holding it firmly in position; working like an acro prop. When the internal adjustable scaffold hoist prop is fixed in place the scaffold hoist can be fitted. Make sure the prop is still held firmly in place and adjust if necessary prior to lifting any load.

Begin lifting the load slowly to ensure the prop will not disengage from its position.

Scaffold Hoist Prop Specifics

The prop can be adjusted in height from 2.45 metres to 3.3 metres and weighs 44kg. The prop can be further enhanced with the use of the Imer swivel extension brackets to enable the hoist to pivot and reach out further.

The maximum capacities the prop can handle is 200kg with an extendable bracket hoist; 200 kg with a fixed bracket hoist and swivel extension and 150 kg with an extendible bracket hoist and swivel extension.

Other Hoist Accessories

These internal props are a great addition to the extensive range of scaffold hoist accessories on offer.  The range includes a variety of products to attach the hoist in different ways and products to aid with lifting particular materials such as bricks and mortar. We can also supply loose lifting tackle, sings and most other types of lifting equipment.

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Imer Internal Adjustable Prop

Max capacity with extendible bracket hoist KG 200
Max capacity with fixed bracket hoist and swivelling extension KG 200
Max capacity with ext. Bracket hoist and swivelling extension KG 150
Weight KG 44
W/L/H (mm) 540/540/2630