Securpulley gin wheel auto braking

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Securpulley Gin Wheel - Auto-Braking

Securpulley Gin Wheel - Auto-Braking

This Securpulley gin wheel system is an industry first as it incorporates an automatic braking system. Designed to revolutionise scaffolding type applications this Securpulley can lift and lower loads with the option of stopping mid flow.

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About the Securpulley Gin Wheel

As mentioned above the Securpulley has a patent intended (by Tornomeccanica) auto-braking gin wheel. This design will eliminate the risk of a load falling which can easily happen on a standard gin wheel/pulley if the user looses his/her grip on the rope. 

So, how does it work? The design is relatively simple, the load is lifted by the operator pulling on the rope, if he decides to stop for whatever reason he can, as soon as the rope is released and goes slack the brake will engage and securely hold the load until the rope is pulled again. This could be a welcome relief for those hauling heavy and awkward loads as they can stop for a rest mid-way.

This Securpulley can be easily fitted to any standard pipe scaffolding thanks to the fast insert diameter of 1.88”. it can also be fitted with either a straight arm bracket or a swivel bracket. It can be used with 18mm or 20mm diameter rope (not supplied). Its maximum load capacity is 50 kg and maximum height it can lift is 30 metres. The connection clamp is made from hot printing & zincated steel for maximum safety.

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