Imer scaffold pole attachment for hoists

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IMER Scaffold Pole Attachment For Hoists

IMER Scaffold Pole Attachment For Hoists

This pole has been designed to enable a specific hoist to be attached to a scaffold pole.
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About the Imer Scaffold Pole Attachment for Scaffold Hoists

If you use a scaffold hoist you may be aware that one of these poles is not a necessity as most scaffold hoists come with their own frame to attach straight to a scaffold pole. However this particular pole enables better weight and stress distribution on the scaffold pole/tower.

At 1950mm high this scaffold attachment incorporates three clamps which are designed to clamp easily around any standard scaffold pole. When the hoist is attached to the brackets/pivot points and throughout any lifting task the forces applied to the scaffolding will be more evenly distributed. This is not only an additional safety precaution but it will prolong the life of the scaffold pole and can help to prevent pole joints coming loose under strain.

The scaffold pole attachment comes complete with a pre-aligned plate which enables you to secure the work positioning lever in place.

Maximum Capacities

The maximum capacities for various set ups are as follows;

With a fixed bracket hoist plus a swivel extension kit = 200kg

With an extendible bracket hoist = 200kg

With an extended bracket hoist plus a swivel extension = 150kg

The pole itself weight in at 18kg.

Other Equipment for a Scaffold Hoist

Besides the range of scaffold hoist accessories which includes buckets, carriers, brick baskets and scaffold clamps we can also supply you with other lifting equipment you may need to complete your lifting task. Lifting slings and shackles are frequently used for lifting loads and we also have a great range of lifting clamps, winches and other types of lifting hoists. Explore our website to see all we have to offer,

Calling Us

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Imer Scaffold Attachment
Max capacity with extendible bracket hoist KG 200
Max capacity with fixed bracket hoist and swivelling extension KG 200
Max capacity with ext. Bracket hoist and swivelling extension KG 150
Weight KG 18
W/L/H (mm) 210/180/1950