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Kito CX Block and Tackle

Kito CX Block and Tackle

Small yet surprisingly durable, the Kito CX block and tackle is built for light lifting duties in a number of environments.
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Its size makes it ideal for forming part of an on-the-fly load lugging setup, while its hardy construction means that it will remain safe and secure for as many cycles as are required. Part of the wider Kito manual hoist range, it also competes with the rest of the chain blocks we stock

Important Features of the Kito CX Block and Tackle

The Kito CX chain block / manual chain hoist incorporates an overload limiter as standard. This is not just a handy addition, but one which means that it will be able to lift loads safely and comply with quality regulations. The relatively low safe working limit of this hoist means that the inclusion of a limiter is essential. It also gives you peace of mind, whoever ends up operating this bit of kit. 

Design Perks of the Kito CX Chain Block

With a lightweight aluminium body this compact chain block is ideal for lifting lighter loads up to 250kg, and is easily transportable. It can be paired with a lifting gantry or similar assembly to deliver a flexible, manoeuvrable platform for handling equipment or personnel

The CX chain block offers a wide internal hook diameter with safety latch. This delivers an extra layer of protection and prevents unexpended uncoupling during a variety of applications. 

Its standard lift height of 2.5 metres is coupled with a two metre long hand chain, allowing it to be practical and productive when installed on a mobile assembly or added as a permanent fixture in a factory or workshop. 

More Manual Chain Blocks to Choose

Broaden your search beyond the compact Kito CX hoist and you will find a world of other high quality, competitively priced products on our site. There are high capacity, heavy duty options from Tiger, flexible and corrosion-resistant models from Yale, and sturdy units from domestic brand Raptor. We can even inspect lifting equipment to make sure your gear is in good working order. 

Ask us for Kito CX Chain Block Details & Quotes

However well versed you are in the world of lifting equipment, the LGD team can talk you through the products and service we offer in detail. Head over to the contact page and email us with your chain block questions for a rapid reply. Alternatively, you can give us a ring on 01384 76961 to chat about any lifting kit conundrum you want to overcome.

Rated Load (WLL) KGStandard lift (m)Standard length of hand chain (folded) (m)Pull to lift full load *₁ (N) [kg]Chain o'hauled to lift load one meter (m)Load chain diameter (mm) x chain fall lines (mm)Test load (KG)Mass (net weight) *₂ (KG)Shipping weight (KG)Mass (weight) for additional one meter of lift (KG/M)ABCDEGST
2502.52147 [15]33.83.2 x13802.42.60.488842175337213211