Stainless steel eye bolts

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Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

Use Stainless Steel Eye Bolts for a nicer looking finish 

Stainless steel is an excellent material for making lifting equipment, including wire ropes and accessories like stainless steel eye bolts. Aside from its anti-corrosion properties, it simply looks good and is eye-catching enough to show off for purely aesthetic purposes. We supply stainless steel eye bolts of various styles, check out the different options we offer and click through to the individual product pages to get even more info on each stainless steel eye bolt. 

Stainless Steel Cast Eye Bolts - Not Tested


 While this does make them unsuitable for lifting duties, they are still ex..

Stainless Steel Dropforged Eye Bolt - Tested Stainless Steel Dropforged Eye Bolt - Tested

Stainless Steel Dropforged Eye Bolt - Tested


 When you factor in the other advantages of stainless steel, they will beco..

Stainless Steel Eye Nuts - Metric Tested Stainless Steel Eye Nuts - Metric Tested

Stainless Steel Eye Nuts - Metric Tested


 Not all of our lifting accessories are rated to manage specific loads, nor..

Stainless Steel Eye Nuts - Metric Untested


 In the case of these metric thread stainless steel eye nuts, there is no i..

Stainless Steel Long Shank Eye Bolt with Nut & Washer - Untested

Stainless Steel Long Shank Eye Bolt with Nut & Washer - Untested


 Although it has not been tested for load-handling purposes, it does come p..

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Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

Load-Tested Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

As the name suggests, our dropforged stainless steel eye bolts have been through a thorough series of regulated tests to ensure that they are able to offer specific working load limits. This gives you the ability to use them for tasks that are more than just decorative; they will be ready and able to manoeuvre heavy objects and equipment when anchored to a suitable lifting sling

Untested Cast Stainless Steel Eye Bolt

Just like their load-tested counterparts, these untested equivalents are made using stainless steel and so are simple to maintain and will not rust over after being exposed to moist environments. However, they are produced from a cast rather than via drop forging. As a result they are not rated for lifting tasks and so should not be used as such. With the stylish sheen of stainless steel on their side, they are still a great addition to construction projects when you want to make a statement, but should always be used safely and never put under load. 

Why Stainless Steel?

We have already discussed some of the perks of stainless steel as a material, but it is worth reiterating why it is so often chosen to produce parts for lifting purposes and other industrial uses. Its ability to combat corrosion is obviously useful in scenarios where exposure to the elements is unavoidable. This applies in construction and manufacturing, but also in the maritime industry where salt water is just as much of a problem as the rain. 

Because the surface of stainless steel will not corrode quickly, it is also not much of a challenge to maintain it and make sure it stays looking its best.  This means it works best with Steel Eye Screws, Eyelet Bolt, Eye Hook Bolt and Screw Eyelets.

Other Lifting Products

The properties of stainless steel eye bolts may not matter much if you are looking to lift materials indoors, away from the view of the public and the perils of the weather. In this case our metric thread dynamo eyebolts might be a good alternative. We also have collared eye bolts to buy, with various load capacities and thread forms to choose amongst.

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