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Rud wpp s swivel eye bolt

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RUD WPP-S Swivel Eye Bolt

RUD WPP-S Swivel Eye Bolt

We have a good choice of the RUD WPP-S Swivel Eye Bolt available at Lifting Gear Direct with SWL up to 8 tonne.

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About the RUD WPP-S Swivel Eye Bolt

The WPP-S is a universal swivel eye bolt by RUD and is designed to be welded onto a suitable surface to create a strong anchor point.

This product is similar to the WPP-B although it has a safety hook in place of a lifting eye. The hook has a safety catch to enable the highest possible load retention.

The hook itself is able to pivot back and forth through 230 degrees. What's more the whole hook can swivel on its base through a complete 360 degree circle. This is thanks to its incorporated double ball bearings.

Welding and using the WPP-S

A qualified welder should be used to fit this eye bolt. The welds need to be strong and completed in a specific way, following the manufacturers guide. A clean and impurity free surface is imperative for a strong bond.

After fitting is complete the eye should be examined and tested prior to first use to make sure it is problem free and strong enough. After initial examination you should check regularly for obvious signs of problems such as cracked welds. Thorough inspections by a competent person should be carried out annually or sooner if any incidents occur.

These eye bolts can be used alone or in multiples and at various lifting angles. Different angles can impact the working load limit and some angles are not permitted. Therefore you must always refer to the manufacturers instructions and lifting charts to ensure you remain within the safe guidelines.

More help and advice can be received by contacting Lifting Gear Direct. Contact details are at the top and bottom of the page. Or you can email us via the rapid enquiry form.

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