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Rud rbgvrbg swivel load ring

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RUD RBG/VRBG Swivel Load Ring

RUD RBG/VRBG Swivel Load Ring

A swivel load ring from RUD. Buy today from Lifting Gear Direct.

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About the RUD RBG/VRBG Swivel Load Ring

The RUD RGB & VRGB Swivel Load Ring provide optimum safety due to the connecting bolts on relief lugs which protect against bending and shearing loads.

The pivoting ring enables the low profile of this product.

Must be used only with RUD special bolts

The RBG has two bolts and  a load capacity of 3000kg; the VRBG has four bolts for a more secure fit and load capacities up to 16000kg. Full load capacities can be obtained even at 90 degrees according to the ring plane.

The bolts have been 100% crack detected. Fitting this load ring must be carried out according to the manufacturers precise instructions, ensuring that the load ring can easily pivot through 180 degrees after fitting. Locking devices are recommended, such as liquid locking fluid or counter nut. This will prevent unintentional dismounting when under vibration, rotation or if shock loaded.

You should not use these swivel load rings with chemicals such as acids, alkaline solutions or vapours.

The RBG/VRBG can be used with a single leg sling, 2 leg or even 3 & 4 leg slings. The load ring lifting point should be at the centre of gravity. The rings must be positioned to the load, so, vertical for a straight lift; equidistant between a 2 leg and symmetrical for 3 & 4 leg slings.

Other Lifting Points

There are many other options available at Lifting Gear Direct. Our range of swivel lifting points includes models from many top manufacturers and swivel and rotate in different ways. We also have a range of standard eye bolts available including ones for special applications as well as collared, dynamo and stainless steel varieties.
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