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Rud vrbs load ring

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RUD VRBS Load Ring

RUD VRBS Load Ring

There is a great selection of this Load Ring available with WLL up to 31.5 tonnes.

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About the RUD VRBS Load Ring

The VRBS Load Ring is for welding on and so therefore creates a permanent, secure fixing point. These load rings can be used individually or in multiples, depending on the load you need to fit them too. This enables lifting much larger loads and loads of awkward shaped and sizes.

Inspection and testing should take place by a competent person after initial welding to ensure it is safe to use. Thereafter frequent inspections should take place to ensure it remains safe to use. Checks for cracks, deformations and wear should be looked for.

You should refer to the manufacturers lifting charts to ensure you use them in the correct manner. This is to ensure the centre of gravity of the load remains stable at all times.

Good distribution of the load force due to the 2 welding points. Welding should be done according to the manufacturers instructions by a qualified welder. This is because a specific sequence of welds are required. You should make sure the pivoting ring remains free to move.

These pivoting load rings have a low profile and lay flat when not used. They may be used in extreme temperatures from -40 degrees at the lower spectrum and up to +400 degrees C at the higher end.

They should not be used when chemicals such as acids are present in the environment.

Other Eye Bolts

There are many other types of eye bolts available across our website. There are many from RUD but we also supply eye bolts from other top manufacturers. Swivel and pivotal types are generally a bit more expensive but their additional benefits can outweigh this extra cost. We have many types of the more standard eyebolts available to purchase if the swivelling variety are not right for you.

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Type WLL (t) A B C D E F O Q X T Weld Weight (KG)   
VRBS 4 4 62 14 28 48 135 71 17 77 14 65 HY 4 + 3 0.8
VRBS 6.7 6.7 88 20 39 60 170 91 23 101 15 84 HY 5.5 + 3 2.1
VRBS 10 10 100 22 46 65 195 100 28 106 22 95 HY 6 + 4 2.8
VRBS 16 16 130 30 57 90 263 134 36 147 28 127 HY 8.5 + 4 6.6
VRBS 30 30 160 42 78 130 373 195 47 220 37 178 HY 15 + 4 19
VRBS 50 50 240 70 120 230 620 340 65 375 / 313 HY 25 + 8 55
vrbs load ring load chart